CADENA: Has anyone seen my ‘Z’?

| Best Section Ever

As you all can tell by now, I am missing my Z. No, do not just point at my byline and say, “There it is!” That is a different Z. I borrowed it. From Ta_mania.

This Z is very important to me. He’s been my friend for what seems like forever. He was always there for the rest of us letters (especially N), making us laugh with his silly antics, like how he would hang off the ledge and mockingly scream, “Help! Help me back up!” Man, what a riot.

Looking back on it now, he probably actually did need help getting back up. It doesn’t seem funny now, because we’re pretty sure we let him plunge to his death, but at the time, it was hysterical. I guess you had to be there.

But there is still hope! Z is a tough cookie, and I’m sure he could have survived a fall of two feet, so if you find him, let me know at .

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