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The Grammys were last night, and to honor them, let’s take a look at (at least in my opinion) the sexiest male and female artists of this past year.


5. Katy Perry: She has appeared as an alien, a nerdy teenager, and an aging elderly woman. But she can still be sexy. Katy Perry must just have that California-girl sex factor.

4. Dev: This lady may be a hardcore punk electro hip-hop singer, but she knows how to work her assets, in the dark or otherwise.

3. Jennifer Lopez: Queen of the dance floor Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest women alive. Her exotic beauty combined with her amazing dance skills and booty-shaking is definitely a huge part of J-Lo’s sex factor.

2. Beyoncé: Second to none (except maybe to Justin Timberlake), Beyoncé looks the best in a cat suit. She definitely has the body and especially the legs to turn anyone’s head, and she ain’t scared to show it.

1. Rihanna: Yes, it may be clichéd to give RiRi the top spot, but the woman deserves it. If you’ve seen her last few music videos, including “You Da One,” “We Found Love,” and of course “S&M,” you know that Rihanna is definitely comfortable in her clothes or lack thereof. Confidence is sexy. Being risqué doesn’t hurt either.


5.  Brandon Flowers (of The Killers): Okay, I’ll admit it. This one is completely biased. But no one can deny that through all of the various looks that Brandon Flowers has experimented with, something he has always had is a lot of sexy.

4. Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic): What is sexier than a hopeless romantic? A hopeless romantic named Ryan Tedder, who has the voice and piano skills to make your knees weak.

3. Bruno Mars: Apart from having a sexy voice, Bruno Mars has come to establish himself as a definite sex grenade.

2. Kanye West: He’s got money, he’s got talent, he’s got style, and most of all Kanye has some serious swag. With so much of all of those, there is no denying that Kanye West is sexy.

1. Chris Martin (of Coldplay): It may have something to do with this British singer’s accent, but Chris Martin’s voice and looks make him one of the music industry’s major sex icons.

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