Leather or Lace?

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Valentine’s Day is here. That means romance is in the air, and let’s face it: Sex is, too. But if you’re planning on making the “moves” this Valentine’s day, then why not do it in style?

Sex may happen with no clothes on, but they were worn at some point. Sometimes what you wear can steer the night in a different direction. So, if you are looking to mix things up, are you leather or lace?

Lace and silk have had a long and wide influence on sex. Inspiration for today’s lace wear ranges from popular fantasy costumes to fashion of the Victorian age. However, as Rihanna’s song, “S&M,” may suggest, chains and whips may be the accessories you want to have handy this Valentine’s day. Although it started in the homoerotic subculture of the late 1940s, today leather is a growing sexual norm throughout all populations. So, whether you prefer leather or lace, here are some pointers for sexing up sex:


Yes, lacy bras and underwear are cute. But there are so many more options! Let’s start with the essentials.

What better than a corset to accentuate your curves? This leather fetishism comes in more than leather nowadays, and it can give your boobs a lift, your hips curves, and your tummy a tuck. But more than just curving you up in the right places, the corset takes the couture style of the Victorian age and demands the attention and respect a woman deserves. After your special friend sees you in your new corset, you can consider anything you wanted, bought—then and there.

Not a fan of the tight-fitting corset? Then try a lacy baby-doll outfit. The baby-doll outfit is a good-girl front for the real naughty in you. It’s light and airy and allows you to move in more ways than you thought possible. The sheer fabric allows a little sneak peak but leaves much for the imagination and takes the lacy bra and underwear a step farther. The baby-doll outfit is cute but flirty, girly but sexy, and most importantly fun! Get them in pinks, baby blues and, if you’re daring, a purple or red, but avoid boring black and white.

If you’re going leather or lace, you might as well go all the way, so don’t forget to pick up some of these goodies: For you leather lovers there are whips, ropes, chains and cuffs; for those who prefer lace there are the never-out-of-style feathers or silk gloves.


That’s right, boys; girls aren’t the only ones with surprises. Men, it’s time to pull out all of the stops. No more cheesy boxers with hearts on them or boring grayscale underwear.

For the more adventurous of men, leather can take you many places. That means mixing it up with leather thongs or a jockstrap, a spiked collar and maybe even a harness. All showcase your best attributes and give your special someone a little to play with. If you aren’t that adventurous, then there are still a multitude of options. Still keeping up with some more leatherisms, try mesh: mesh shirts, mesh underwear and biker gloves as a pre-show to the big finale.

Still not that adventurous? Then start off simple with boxers. No simple boxers though—silk or chiffon boxers, something that shimmers in the light and is smooth to the touch. Try dark sensual colors like maroon, violet or navy, and for a special touch think about adding a matching robe. Not a boxer person? Then surprise your partner with briefs or trunks (shorter boxer briefs) in bright colors: pinks, turquoises, lime greens, purples, bright reds, and oranges (try to avoid words or images) and a specially packed package!

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