Yet another Wii peripheral…just kidding

Theja Lanka | Video Games Editor

The picture you see below is a hands-free masturbation machine developed by a Japanese company. You read that right. A hands-free masturbation machine.

The manufacturer, SOM Japan, has a line of models for both men and women. The most expensive model costs upwards of $200. There’s even a petit version for pleasure on-the-go. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed of the…action.

To make matters even more interesting, the machine can connect to a computer to synchronize with erotic visual novels. Visual novels are interactive games with mostly static images and text. At various points, the player makes a decision which affects their ability to get one of the girls in the game. Depending on your decision, you get a “special scene” with one of the girls.

A Japanese game developer, ironically named Overflow, has created an erotic game called Cross Days. The developer has delayed the release multiple times, stating that they want to release the best product possible. In fact, the developer has talked about using the automated masturbation machine in the game along with 3-D scenes. As you watch the “climax scene,” the speed will respond in real time to the action on the screen.

Of all the strange things I’ve seen come out of Japan, this has got to be the weirdest one. If you’re really interested, you can check out the manufacturer’s Web site at

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