The sexiest (unexpected) body parts

| Senior Scene Editor

When we finally learn about the birds and the bees, something happens: We begin our strong obsession with what sets girls and guys apart. You know, those nether regions. Evolutionarily speaking, this fixation is justified given that a partner with the most “developed” reproductive features will help our species survive. But it’s 2010 now, and we’ve learned to move beyond this primal drive. The body parts we find attractive in people no longer just consist of those words that obnoxious 10-year-old boys scribble on notebooks. So what, pray tell, does this generation find sexy?


Back of the Neck

While many girls wear their hair up when they don’t have time to get ready, revealing the back of the neck can actually be a turn-on to men. Although unexpected, the back of the neck shows a woman’s strength and femininity.

(Scott Bressler | Student Life)

id=”attachment_9607″ (Scott Bressler | Student Life)


It’s a widely known fact that heels were created to torture women. But, there is a purpose to them. When ladies don heels, they accentuate the strength and curvature of their calves, something that men find attractive.

Collar Bone

Some girls love to wear jewelry. If you think of it, what is the point of those little charms? Well, besides accessorizing outfits, they can also draw attention to something men go crazy over: the collar bone.


This one’s obvious, but it is often overlooked in the day-to-day bustle of life. First impressions are key, and a nice smile is always noticed by others.



(Zachary Cupkovic | Student Life)


Scientifically speaking, men tend to have more muscle mass than women. In recent years, men have started taking protein shakes and lifting intensely to accentuate their arm muscles. But be careful of going overboard guys, as senior Erica Johnston explained, “I like nicely toned arms on a guy—strong but natural.”


If college-aged men controlled beer companies, the six-pack would most likely be replaced with the 60-pack. And given that this high-calorie drink tends to lead to what we affectionately call the “beer belly,” having well-defined abs is a coveted asset on campus.

Broad Shoulders

Strength is a sexy characteristic, especially in men. Who wouldn’t want a guy that could lift your suitcases, boxes and books on move-in day?


Kissing is one of girls’ favorite ways of showing affection. And having good lips makes a man all the more appealing.

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