Other Happenings | Feb. 12, 2010

| Scene Events Columnist

Dr. Sketchy’s AntI Art School: February 15th at Evil Prints, 814 S. Vandeventer, 7PM-10PM

A Burlesque show with an art twist. Come, watch, and draw Burlesque performers while enjoying drinks and entertainment. Admission $5.

The Alley Cat Revue Valentine’s Day Burlesque: February 14th at The Fox Hole, 4140 Manchester Rd. 9PM

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Alley Cat dancers. Special auctions to benefit Haiti will occur through out the night.

Burlesque on the Rocks: February 17th at Old Rock House, 1200 S. 7th St. 9:30PM

A show of local Burlesque dancers featuring Lola van Ella and GoGo McGregor. Admission $5.

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