Visiting the Super Bowl of politics

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Jimmy Loomis, a 21-year-old Washington University senior, is far from your average political enthusiast.

As one of the eight selected national delegates from Missouri, Loomis was among the youngest delegates to attend the Democratic National Convention. First elected as a committeeman for Clayton Township when he was eighteen years old, Loomis’ most recent political feat included a trip to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Jimmy Loomis discusses his experience as a delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.Kayla Steinberg | Student Life

Jimmy Loomis discusses his experience as a delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Loomis’ days at the convention were packed with speeches by prominent activists and live performances by famous musicians. Many took the stage including Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, former President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, comedian Sarah Silverman and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Loomis spoke fondly of remaining at the convention late into the night.

Loomis described the excitement in the arena when Democrats nominated their presidential candidate as palpable.

“It’s amazing how invigorating and energizing it is but at the same time how it can just drain you because there is so much energy,” Loomis said.

He admitted being one of the younger delegates was “a little weird,” but also noted that if there is a time to go to a political convention, it is when you are young because of the encouraging environment.

“You’ll walk out to go to the bathroom and next to you will be the governor from Minnesota or Patrick Leahy, the senator from Vermont. Just all these superstars who are coming together,” Loomis said. “You are all there for one reason in this: to nominate Hillary Clinton and deliver a win in November at the White House.”

Loomis also discussed the pulse of the Democratic Party.

“It felt very fresh. Not fresh without a clear path forward. Fresh with—that we are excited about our future and what we are doing because we have leaders who know what they are doing and are experienced and qualified and can offer a clear vision,” Loomis said.

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s main message from the convention, Loomis responded with confidence.

“At the DNC, Hillary offered another vision for America. The week before, at the [Republican National Convention], you saw that they seemed to be more united by their dislike for Hillary than what they wanted to offer America. I think what you saw at the [Democratic National Convention] was Hillary offering America a path united by our differences, not divided by our differences, not separated by walls, but united by bridges. I think she wants an inclusive America,” Loomis said.

Loomis reflected positively on the experience as a whole.

“It was just amazing for political nerds like myself; it was the Super Bowl of politics.”

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