The Frank Ocean floodgates open with release of ‘Endless’

Maha Tiimob | Freshman Press Writer

After taking a seemingly endless hiatus from the music industry, Frank Ocean made his comeback this past Thursday with the release of his first visual album.  

 For weeks, fans have restlessly awaited Ocean’s release. The rumor mill had been running wild, and the artist’s return was trending on social media in no time. On Aug. 5, Ocean was expected to have released “Boys Don’t Cry,” the sequel to “Channel Orange”, the album for which he brought home a Grammy in 2012. Instead, weeks later, after the release of multiple stage-setting, mysterious livestreams of Ocean building a staircase were released on his website,, Ovean defied expectation. He released an 18-track visual album titled “Endless.”  

 “Endless” is the second visual album to be released this year after Beyonce’s “Lemonade” made its mark in late April. Although both artists decided to represent their music visually, their albums followed very different artistic tracks. Beyonce told the story of the different stages of emotion she went through after finding out that her husband, Jay Z had cheated on her in a colorful, relatable and action-packed film. She showed the world her emotional strength and weakness, and the connection that stemmed from her honestly made the album even more successful. Ocean leaves color behind for a monochrome video, during which multiple versions of Ocean work on the staircase previously featured in his livestreams. In the music, his usage of the orchestra as well as rhythm and blues beats work well with the transitioning visuals.  

 Frank’s video concept may seem simple, but I believe he did an amazing job.

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