The best freshman floor themes

Sam Sherman | Freshman Press Writer

As new students arrive at Washington University for the first time this Thursday, they will be greeted by spacious dorm rooms, Tempur-Pedic mattresses and most importantly, a themed dorm floor. Each Residential College’s residential advisers are in charge of creating and executing the themes. While not all of the floors had finished putting up decorations as of the writing of this article, Student Life picked five of the best we found.

Park 2: The BeyHive

Park 2 RAs Annie Pudvah and Jag Kottapalli used images of Beyonce and Jay-Z to decorate the doors of their residents' rooms.Sam Sherman | Student Life

Park 2 RAs Annie Pudvah and Jag Kottapalli used images of Beyonce and Jay-Z to decorate the doors of their residents’ rooms.

Of all the freshman floor themes this year, one stood head and shoulders above the rest. Fully decorating their entire floor to adhere to one central, incredible theme, RAs Annie Pudvah and Jag Kottapalli crafted a virtual shrine to two of the most instantly recognizable cultural icons on the planet: Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z. The decorations that adorn the doors of this floor are staggering on their own, with each containing multiple pictures of the superstar couple, as well as bees with the tenants’ names on them, playing off of Beyonce’s nickname, “Queen Bey.” The decorations do not stop at the doors, however, as multiple common items on the floor are labeled with accented “e”s like the one found in Beyonce’s name. In this way, a brilliant idea is perfectly executed, and the title of best freshman floor theme is taken by the “BeyHive.”

Dardick 2: Movies

IMG_6792Sam Sherman | Student Life

While the common areas of the floor are minimal, and the larger decorations are not yet finished, the room decorations on this floor let freshmen live in star-studded fashion. Each door has a different movie poster on the front, Photoshopped so they star the two residents of the room. The posters have been carefully doctored to have the names and faces of the residents making an appearance, meaning that every resident of this floor feels and looks like a star.

Lien 2: Pancake Drawings

IMG_6782Sam Sherman | Student Life

Perhaps the most unique floor theme on the South 40, the RAs for this floor are taking the phrase “most important meal of the day” to an entirely new level. Each door on this floor is decorated with a paper pan containing pancakes in the shape of various fictional characters, from Walter White to Piglet from “Winnie the Pooh.” Aside from such a decoration, a syrup bottle represents each student with his or her name on it. The decorations are certainly unique, and a large mixing bowl poster at the center of the floor brings it all together. Breakfasts here are sure to be magnificent.

Danforth 4: Harry Potter

A tiny wizard's robe hangs on a door on Danforth 4.Sam Sherman | Student Life

A tiny wizard’s robe hangs on a door on Danforth 4.

As anyone who has ever taken a college campus tour can attest, Harry Potter is an endlessly popular fandom on college campuses. Taking advantage of this, Danforth 4’s theme is Harry Potter. Each door is decorated with wizard outfits with residents’ names on them, and each student is assigned a random house from the books. The theme comes together in the center of the dorm with a large broomstick and Sorting Hat display with all floor residents’ names on it. So while it may not look exactly like Hogwarts, it is as close as a college campus can get.

Park 1: Dr. Seuss

IMG_6697Sam Sherman | Student Life

Complete with Seussian door decorations and a graphic that welcomes students to the floor from the stairwell, this floor is neatly decorated around its central theme. Celebrating the various locations the residents of this hall will frequent during their time at the University with Seuss’ famous “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” Park 1 reminds its residents that the opportunities at Wash. U. are endless. Those opportunities on the floor may be limited to doing laundry, taking out the trash or cooking with friends, but the excited welcome nonetheless makes for an impressive floor.

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