Best annual party

Art Prom

Though they may spend the vast majority of their time tucked away in studio, art school kids sure know how to throw a party. Every year in April, Art Prom hits the Wash. U. scene as a fantastic “last hurrah” before the finals hibernation period. As co-president of Art Council Jennifer Rich said, “It’s a fun twist on a traditional idea and gives everyone on-campus the opportunity to let their creative sides run wild.”

The night goes as follows: Students spend hours putting together their craziest ensembles of neon, fishnets, shiny pleather and maybe even some satin, 80s prom dresses. Then they board buses from campus and are whisked away to a magical land of mystery. The location changes each year and is kept a secret until students arrive at the event—and even then, they still might not know where they are. But one thing’s for sure: there will be inflatable toys (think dinosaurs and robots, depending on the theme), music far more danceable than anything you’ll find at a frat party and an endless flow of beer and wine for those of age.

Tickets are usually around $10—undoubtedly a steal for transportation, an open bar, a killer DJ, and enough Facebook profile picture material to last you the rest of the year.

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