Ratings v. Reality

| Romance Columnist

Dear Wash. U.,

I know you think you’ve got it rough. I’ve overheard countless Whispers conversations bemoaning the unattractiveness of the female population and many sighs over the scrawny paleness of the guys that line the side tables of the DUC. I know girls who prefer online dating to being confined to the on-campus dating pool and have heard several boys say that they have a “No Wash. U. Girls” policy. And according to College Prowler, our student body has an overall attractiveness rating of B-.


But what surprised me the most about our rating was that it wasn’t given to us by outsiders or some tell-all underground college guide. That rating was given by Wash. U. students themselves. By you.

Before I transferred to Wash. U. my sophomore year, I left my 1,500-student college to visit. And one of the first texts that I sent back to my best friend at Dickinson was “Holy crap, there are so many boys here. So many cute boys.”

Insert as many jokes as you want about the quality of boys at a tiny college in rural Pennsylvania (or my own personal taste), but there were some good-looking guys there, and there are even more here at Wash. U. While I may be slightly biased, I think that my girlfriends here are amazingly beautiful women.

So why does everyone seem to think that our dating pool is the worst out there? And more importantly, why do we think so little of ourselves?

We aren’t a state school, meaning that you really have to be into academics to be a student here. Translation: Every single person who goes here has a little bit of nerd inside of them, whether they show it or not. And since academics are a priority, maybe we skip a little makeup or don’t hit the gym as much as we should.

Call me crazy, but isn’t it better to be with a girl whose foundation doesn’t rub off on the pillow? Or a guy whose room isn’t littered with muscle milk containers? Just because someone doesn’t look like a Playboy bunny or an NFL quarterback doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive. Isn’t it worth it to have someone with whom you can actually have a real conversation before you make like bonobos and bang? We’re so focused on comparing people here to an impossible ideal that we sometimes forget how attractive we really are.

Sexiness is a total package—it’s self confidence, the way hair hangs over someone’s face while studying, the nerdy/witty comment someone makes during a long lecture, how a certain T-shirt looks on that special someone when you go out for coffee. Sexy is what you make it. So Wash. U., please, for your own sake, be the sexy nerds that I know deep down you all are. And don’t be so harsh on your fellow students. The truth is, you’re not going to end up dating Tom Brady, and you’ll probably never have a chance with Megan Fox, so learn to recognize the attractiveness in your classmates—because, trust me, it’s there! You’ll never know how well they clean up until you ask them on that date.

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