Master Minds: A podcast grown amidst quarantine 

Mishka Narasimhan and Will Leidig started the podcast Master Minds to spotlight leading medical professionals and scientists, educating students and young adults about current healthcare policies. 

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Rooted in St. Louis: ‘Dirt’ is a dirty word

Soil, known to some farmers as black gold, is as much a necessity as water, but is nowhere near as simple. Beneath your feet lives a complex chemical stew of geologic and organic components, of swimming microbes and rhizomatic networks.

| Staff Writer

Checkmate: Chess Club exceeds expectations at tournament

“WashU really outperformed expectations,” Andrew Shiman, club president and B-Team first board, said. “A-Team was 16th, and the field had a lot of Grandmasters and International Masters, so we did a lot better than our rating suggested.”

| Staff Writer

Ten days on a ghost campus

Instead of the pale yellow walls of my childhood bedroom, I’m startled by the view of my desk, adorned with a dead succulent and empty tea mugs, inches from my nose.

| Senior Scene Editor

Thanks LaGuardia: A morning spent traveling to St. Louis

Senior Scene Editor Julia Robbins reflects on her journey from New York City to St. Louis

| Senior Scene Editor

Five tips for surviving remote learning

Remote learning can be challenging, but it’s important to stay productive and engaged to set a good tone for the rest of the semester. Here are five tips to help you survive.

| Contributing Writer

Celebrating Josephine Baker, a disrupter of ‘conventions and boundaries’

St. Louis-born Josephine Baker was the first woman of color to be entombed in France’s Panthéon for her work in the French Resistance during World War II. Chancellor Andrew Martin, Mayor Tishaura Jones and others took part in a Nov. 30 event to celebrate her life and legacy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Izagani Omega Pi: WU’s first ‘fratority’ promotes student bonding

Freshman Izagani Aquino created Izagani Omega Pi, the University’s first “fratority,” to help freshmen find community during this transitional period of their lives.

| Staff Writer

A look at campus consumerism: ‘It’s just going to get worse’

“The amount of online ordering, as every year, has been going up exponentially,” said Eric Walker, a mail support specialist at the Hitzeman Mail Center. “And this year was without a doubt the most we’ve ever seen.” 

| Contributing Writer

A look into a Living Learning Community for Muslim-American students

It’s still dark out at 6:40 a.m. when sophomore Muneeb Malik wakes up to pray for the first time each day. Malik isn’t the only one up that early, however; though he prays alone in the mornings, he is in sync with many other Muslim students on campus, most notably with three other suites on his floor. That’s because Malik lives in Sakeenah, a Living Learning Community “designed to engage students around the Muslim-American experience.”

| Senior Scene Editor

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