An Inside Scoop on How to Stand Out at This Year’s Career Fair

With the Career Fair approaching on Sept. 22, it is a good time to start thinking about preparing for this season’s recruitment.

| Senior Scene Editor

Center for Diversity and Inclusion speaks to best practices for clubs

With the Activities Fair comes an influx of new club members, and with new members comes tha age-old question: how do clubs make sure they are inclusive of everyone who wants to join?

| Managing Scene Editor

House of Dragons: Gore, Sex, and Family Drama

When HBO announced a GoT Prequel House of the Dragon (HotD), which premiered on August 21, I was skeptical. The prequel takes place 300 years before the first season — but how would it avoid the problems that occurred at the end of GoT? What would make HotD a success, when the ending of GoT failed?

| Contributing Writer

Been There, Done That: WU Freshmen Flock to Pitbull Concert

First week of classes. Piles of syllabi. Hours spent in Olin Library. Navigating the chaos of the club fair. These past few days have brought on a whirlwind of emotions for the start of Washington University’s fall 2022 semester, especially for the incoming class of 2026. But, worry not — for everybody going through tough times, Pitbull has been there, done that!

and | Contributing Writers

Faces to Know: Meet WashU’s Dining Service Workers

Washington University dining workers are the driving factors behind keeping the WashU community fed — and almost more importantly, caffeinated. Here are a handful of faces that you’ll see around campus: 

and | Managing Scene Editor, Junior Scene Editor

The Path to Repair Unlimited: the saga of a new student-run business

Tucked away in the corner of student business, underneath the Gregg dorm, sits a newly opened student business with a bright-blue neon sign that reads “Repair Unlimited.”

| Contributing Writer

Fall To-Dos and Spring Cleaning

For the past weeks, I had operated under the impression that my friends at school recognized and understood the reality of my struggles and had, after careful consideration, made conscious decisions to ignore it.

| Junior Photo Editor

Beauty and History in 80 Minutes: “Dontrell Who Kissed The Sea”

If you’re looking for a cultural experience in St. Louis this summer amidst games of die and brunch at Meshuggah’s, I highly recommend the Black Rep’s “Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea.

| Managing Scene Editor

Best Albums of 2022: A Response to Pitchfork

While I agree with some of Pitchfork’s picks, I feel like some big hitters were overlooked. Plus, I like making lists.

| Managing Chief of Copy

The St. Louis Metro: Two States, One City, Thousands of Strangers

I am certainly no expert voice on transit, nor on St. Louis. But what I can do is hold a microphone (read: my horribly cracked iPhone 7, opened to Voice Memos) to people I hope have more authority on the Metro and their city than I do — everyday riders.

| Managing Scene Editor

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