Spring break the WU way: Your guide for what to do and when to plan (it’s never too soon!)

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Having just come back from our own senior spring breaks, we’ve heard a lot of talk around campus about everyone else’s. Whether yours was incredible or awful, it’s fresh in your mind and fresh in ours. We’ve compiled a list (by grade level) of what makes for a good spring vacation.

SENIORS: Although spring break is all fun and games, it really serves as a senior’s last hurrah—her final goodbye to her college days of shot-gunning, dancing until her heels break, and sloppy late-night excursions. With the “real world” looming only two months away, spring break is a sacred week for sufferers of senioritis who all share one common goal: plenty of rest and plenty of fluids.

Although this mentality may seem a bit, shall we say, unsophisticated, for all of you underclassmen, after four years of working hard and staying classy, it is well deserved. Two party-hard options executed by this year’s senior class were the classic beach scene and the Central America cruise—each with its own benefits:

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Filled with many suitable all-inclusive hotels, this vacation hot spot is ideal for spring breakers looking to party. The food isn’t exactly five-star and the water is barely potable, but the drinks never stop pouring and the music never stops playing. During the day, pool parties echo across the beaches and serve as the perfect opportunity to experience a true MTV-style spring break. Once there, you may even find yourself searching around for Carson Daly. The website studentcity.com offers a party package for $200 that includes transportation to four different events, including a daytime booze cruise, open bar and highly qualified international DJs. The most memorable event from this year’s trip was an LMFAO concert at an underground cave-style club, Imagine going to a concert filled with about 1,000 students looking to have fun.

HINT: Start booking before December break—expect complications (spring break coordinators aren’t always reliable).

Cruise: Some members of the class of 2011chose a cruise that departed from New Orleans and stopped at Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico.

All aboard a cruise of endless food, entertainment, hours of tanning under the Caribbean sun and multiple destination hot spots! This type of trip has the advantage of island hopping and the exploration of the different activities and traditions that every country has to offer. Although some may be tricked into believing that the cruise is the cheaper option, don’t be fooled; drinks are not included, and a week of boozing adds up. Transportation to the departure city will also add to the cost. Of course, all the seniors that sailed on this vessel had a blast and have many stories to prove it. From snorkeling in Roatan to hitting up the Jacuzzi on the boat late at night—there was so much to do!

JUNIORS: If you’re not abroad, go abroad. If you book the tickets far enough in advance, you should be able to get a decent deal (or perhaps you’ve racked up some miles flying back and forth to St. Louis). If you stay with your friends abroad, you won’t even need to pay for accommodations, which is always a plus! Our only advice: If you go overseas, make sure to pack as much into each day as possible, even if it means getting little sleep.

SOPHOMORES: Ever wondered what a state school is like? Well, now that you’re allowed a car on campus, this is your chance to find out! Many large party schools, like the University of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, are within a ten-hour drive from St. Louis. Make it a road trip. Gather a great group of friends (car rides are only fun with the right company), get comfy, pick a direction and start driving. If you want something really different, head south on I-55—in about seven hours you’ll hit Ole Miss, and then in three more, you’ll hit Tulane! Or you can drive four hours northeast and you’re at Indiana, another two and you’re at Northwestern, and another three and you’re at Wisconsin. The possibilities are endless. Just grab a map and start plotting. This also requires less planning, which is always a plus!

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