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Favorite places in Calyton

FIRST WATCH The staff is literally best ever and the breakfast scramble is passed down from God.

DUFFY’S Trivia night there is fun.

ALMOND’S They have wonderful Southern-ish food and when you make a reservation, you get to sit in very comfy chairs.

BARCELONA For the wonderful tapas.

O. R. SMOOTHIE AND CAFÉ Smoothies are so packed with Vitamin C, it’s like a week’s dosage and so good too.

CHILL They have an excellent selection of froyo and their toppings are also really good. Also, they have a lot of deals with Wash. U.

COMPANION They have great bread and pastries!

The Clayton area is home to many restaurants, parks and neighborhoods.

The Clayton area is home to many restaurants, parks and neighborhoods.

Washington University sits on a corner of Clayton, and students wishing to visit its heart need only travel west along Forsyth Blvd. to reach it. Downtown Clayton is a business district, and most of its establishments cater to that crowd. Though restaurants in Clayton tend to be a bit more expensive than those on the Loop, it’s a great place to go for a nicer dinner (hint hint, Valentine’s Day is coming up). And if you live north of campus or somewhere farther away, you can take the MetroLink to the Forsyth or Clayton stops. The Forsyth stop will drop you right near the Clayton Hotel and Crazy Bowls & Wraps, while the Clayton stop will put you more in the center of Clayton where you can easily get to the courthouse to pay off your Metro ticket or go out to eat somewhere nicer. Many restaurants are located on North Central Avenue, just a few blocks from the stop. Clayton offers a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from sushi to Thai to an old-fashioned pharmacy.

Clayton’s business bent makes it a great place to go for a run on weekends—no one is around except for joggers.

Clayton was initially formed in 1877 on land given by Virginia farmers Ralph Clayton and Martin Hanley as a suburb to St. Louis, but eventually began to resemble a city. In 1957 the city abolished a height limit on buildings, and its first skyscrapers were built.

So if you’re looking for a night on the town or just a nice place to go, downtown Clayton is a great, close spot to visit.

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