Insider tips on going to Delmar

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1. If you’re driving and are having trouble finding somewhere to park, there’s a parking lot on North Campus, which is right behind the Pageant. It almost always has spots because few non-Wash. U. people know to park there.

2. The west half of the Loop is in University City and the east is in St. Louis. Everything on the University City side closes at 1 a.m., so if you’re not ready to go home from Cicero’s or Blueberry Hill you can go a couple blocks west to The Pin-Up Bowl or Eclipse Restaurant at the Moonrise Hotel.

3. Cicero’s doesn’t card at the door, so if you’re planning a big get together and don’t want to leave underage friends out, that’s the place to go.

4. Bear Bucks can be used at Blueberry Hill, not just for food but also for drinks.

5. Don’t forget about midnight showings of old classics at the Tivoli Theatre.

6. Forget Schnucks, you can buy tubs of hummus, baba ganoush and tabouleh at Al-Tarboush Deli.

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