Color Blocking Spring Color Trends

Spring has officially arrived and, as a result, an entirely new repertoire of colors is appearing on the streets. This year, the spring season is all about colorblocking, and you can’t colorblock without colors. Here are some of the hottest colors for Spring 2012:

Black and white is a classic combination for any season, any year and any time, but this year black and white are making a statement. Stripes, patterns, jersey, silk—you name it, black and white are there. As the originators of colorblocking, black and white are most appealing this season in stripes and asymmetrical cuts. Remember, this season’s trends focus on combining black and white in one piece, not layering the two colors. For a fresh look, men should combine black and white pinstripe shorts with patterned shirts. For women, a triangular-shaped dress is a great starter.

The saying “less is more” has never been truer than it is this spring season. Be on the lookout for tans, sandy colors and light grays that emphasize your skin color and show off your body in all the right ways. Nudes and grays are becoming more and more prominent in lace pieces, creating an understated sexiness. You may also find nudes and grays colorblocked with black and white patterns, pastels and even saturated colors. Toning down wardrobes with nudes and grays will definitely add sex appeal to both men’s and women’s wardrobes.

Orange may seem like a difficult color to pull off, but this season designers are releasing bright, playful oranges that complement any skin tone. Whether you decide on a subtle orange meringue, a strong mango or a saturated sun-kissed orange, there is certainly an orange out there for you. An extremely versatile color, orange is perfect for hanging out in the sun, meeting friends for lunch or even going out at night. This vibrant color is great to wear on its own and needs no accessories to enhance its appearance, though you can even pair it with large gold jewelry. No matter your reservations about the color, everyone needs at least one orange piece in his or her wardrobe this season.

This is the spring of Easter colors: mint green, baby blue, lemon yellow, pink blush, lavender and eggshell white are hot this season. Simple pastel clothes matched with large, bright accessories are great for giving you a fresh new look, and these understated colors lighten up your wardrobe as a whole. Women can combine a sky blue burlap dress with a big navy blue bag and large dark blue bangles or try pairing an eggshell white pencil skirt and mint green blouse with a clean white bag. Men should try donning a cream white polo with light tan khakis, a dark brown belt and brown boat shoes, or match a lemon-yellow striped T-shirt and bright yellow shorts.

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