The sweaters you need to survive the holidays

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The ugly Christmas sweater has become a holiday party staple.Layne Bailey | Charlotte Observer | MCT

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a holiday party staple.


The sweater dress
Sweater dresses are a great way to show off your shape without sacrificing warmth. The silhouettes for this sweater tend to fall into one of two categories: slim or loose-fitting. Whichever shape you prefer, be sure to balance your bottom half by wearing wool tights and boots underneath. This is the perfect sweater to wear to dinner or when shopping with friends.

The oversized cardigan sweater
The holidays don’t always motivate us to get dressed up and go outside. If you find yourself indoors on a lazy day, an oversized cardigan is great for cozying up with an interesting novel or opening presents with your family. For some, the volume of this type of sweater can be overwhelming; try belting the cardigan to yield a more hourglass figure.


The turtleneck
Believe it or not, men, turtlenecks are in style this season. But not all turtlenecks are made equally. Thinner turtlenecks tend to flatter mesomorphs, while cable-knit turtlenecks work for everyone else. So know your type and purchase accordingly. Not only is this sweater in style this season, but it also works for many occasions: meeting her parents, going shopping with yours and enjoying a wonderful family meal.

The “Let’s do a family activity” Sweater
You always want to look your best in front of relatives you haven’t seen in a long time. This year, why not impress them with something form-fitting and different? Wool shawl-collar sweaters are great for family activities since they provide warmth to your neck, in case you find yourself outdoors, and they are great for layering since you can wear your favorite plaid button-down shirt underneath it without appearing disheveled.


The ugly Christmas sweater
No matter your religious affiliation, ugly Christmas sweater parties have been popular for a while now, and this year, you might just find an invitation to one at your door. To ensure you’re fully prepared, you’ll need two things. 1. An image of a sweater from the 80’s or 90’s that you may have received from relatives as a young child and 2. A trip to your favorite vintage store. The purpose of this sweater isn’t to display how much time you spent in the gym earlier this year; rather, it’s a way to bond with others of similar humor, so be playful.

The Fair Isle sweater
This classic winter style, which originated in Northern Scotland, is perfect for anyone hoping to hit the slopes this winter break. These wool tops tend to come in a variety of colors and are decorated with snowflakes, stars and other fun winter motifs.

The “Oops I over-ate” sweater
It happens. And when it does, life moves on, however slowly. For men, the best anecdote to this common holiday condition is to consider purchasing any of the sweaters above in a much larger size or buy a cable-knit wool cardigan. For ladies, a loose-fitting tunic-length style in a dark color just might do the trick.

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