One Last Column: Student Life Senior Via Poolos

| Former Editor-in-Chief

When I came to Washington University, equipped with a dozen black cloth masks, packets of instant oatmeal, and a new nickname, I was unsure of a lot of things. Would I make friends? Would I get COVID? What about a fake ID? When you start college in the midst of a global pandemic, everything feels a little uncertain. 

One of the only things I did know was that I would join the student newspaper, Student Life. I signed up for the email list before I even unpacked my last box. Three and a half years later, I have answers to all those freshman-year questions. I did make some pretty fantastic friends (yay), did contract COVID-19 (yikes), and for legal reasons, will not disclose the answer to the third question. And I am still certain that joining StudLife was one of the best decisions I made at WashU. 

There are so many things I could say about StudLife; I could crack inside jokes about gremlin hours, reference late nights in the windowless office eating too much candy, and give honorable mentions to tears shed over angry emails. But, instead, I will say this: there is something amazing about being able to report on all of the beautiful/ugly/exciting/scary things that can happen during four years at a university — from viruses and protests to buzzer-beater basketball shots and WILD artist scandals. 

So if you really want to dive into a place, and understand what makes it tick, you should join the newspaper. Along the way, you will make some fantastic friends who are curious and passionate and deep thinkers and wildly funny. And then maybe you’ll be a senior and graduating and feeling both incredibly sad to leave it all behind and incredibly excited for the next StudLifers to get to experience it all again next year. Graduating college also involves a lot of uncertainty — new places, people, and jobs. One thing I am sure of now is that wherever I go, whatever I do, I’ll keep asking questions. It’s what college — and the newspaper — taught me best.

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