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Tower Grove Pride Festival Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community

| Contributing Writer

This weekend, the annual Tower Grove Pride came back to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, two months after PrideFest was celebrated downtown in June. 

The event attracted hundreds of small businesses, nonprofits, artists, and performers who support what pride stands for. WashU students, both allies and members of the community, also flocked to the Grove. 

A kid at Tower Grove Pride holds a sign that reads “You Are Loved and Accpted (sic)” and “Free Hugs” while strolling through the event. (Madi Hermeyer/Student Life)

“I love the diversity of it, but also the inclusivity is so cool. There are so many small communities in this large community. It’s cool seeing everybody be able to express themselves.”

– Freshman Merry Schlarman

A couple holds hands as they walk through the festival. (Madi Hermeyer/Student Life)


“I love just being around a bunch of different queer humans.”

– Freshmen Zoe Carter


An apparel booth sells St. Louis, Tower Grove, and Pride themed clothing. (Scarlett Patton/Student Life)

“THIS. People meeting new people. It’s such a nice vibe where everyone is really chill, and the mood is light.” Cookie’s handmade jewelry business is a staple to the St. Louis community. 

Owner of of Love by Cookie [jewerly], Cookie Hart

Performers take the stage at Tower Grove Pride. (Scarlett Patton/Student Life)

“I found out about Tower Grove Pride through the pride alliance. I really appreciated the event for being a place where there was so much queer joy and acceptance—it’s just so beautiful to me and I can’t wait to go back next year.” 

– Freshman Sophie Lin

The event brought in huge numbers of local businesses and attendees were able to their booths throughout the day. (Scarlett Patton/Student Life)

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