Student Life Contest: Send us your favorite mask

| Senior Scene Editor

The coronavirus has introduced a whole new realm of fashion: masks.

We saw it at the MTV Video Music Awards when Lady Gaga flashed more than five different masks in a night, including one with horns and another that looked like a fishbowl. September’s digital New York Fashion Week featured mask after mask, as if each one was trying to outdo its predecessor.

Masks have come in all different designs and material—plain black masks, crocheted masks, superhero masks, tie-dyed masks. We even hear there are South 40 masks swirling around out there. Whatever it looks like, we want to see yours.

Your mask doesn’t have to be fancy. We’re not asking you to look like Lady Gaga. Maybe it has a cool backstory or unique feature. Maybe you made your own mask or found one at Target that speaks to you. Maybe you dazzled up your basic blue surgical mask or found one in a thrift shop five years ago and saved it all of this time. Maybe you now feel motivated to go and create your own mask. (If you’re still looking for that motivation, check out these handmade masks. They’re pretty cool.)

Regardless of what your mask looks like, send us a picture and tell us why you’re submitting it. It’s okay if you didn’t make the mask yourself—that doesn’t mean it’s not important to you. Even if you don’t have a story and just want to send in your mask, we still want to see it.

Submitters will have the chance to win in multiple different categories, including best store-bought mask, best homemade bask, best story and more. Extra points if it is related to Wash. U. Winners will have their masks featured in Student Life.

To enter, fill out this short form.

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