Sweet treats and tips: 6 cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas to wow your special someone

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Well, everyone, it looks like that time of the year again: time for St. Louis to give us two whole days of warmth and sunshine before going back to being freezing cold. But more importantly, it’s (almost) Valentine’s Day! Don’t know what to get your significant other? No worries, because I do. Here are some rad gift ideas for the first Valentine’s Day of the decade:

Admittedly, flowers are a very cliche gift idea. But they’re cliche for a reason; they’re cute! Get your significant other a dozen of their favorite flowers with a sentimental note attached, and you’ll have the romantic bag secured.

Color-themed gift basket
There are three colors associated with Valentine’s Day: red, white and pink. Keeping with this theme of colors, you could get your significant other a basket full of items that are their favorite color. There’s plenty of room for creativity with this gift idea, because you can put anything you want in the gift basket—candy, books, socks, makeup—as long as it’s the same color.

Spotify playlist
We all know everyone has songs that make them think of their special someone. This Valentine’s Day, you could put all of those songs in one playlist, title it your significant other’s name and give it to them! A gift that’s wholesome, cute and economical.

Illustration by HN Hoffmann

A plant
My not-at-all-hot take is that succulents are, and I cannot stress this enough, absolutely adorable. There are a multitude of succulent types, and they’re all cute in their own unique way. For an environmental gift, get your significant other a succulent you think fits their personality.

A puzzle
Are puzzles absolutely infuriating? Yes. Are they also incredibly fun? Yes! Get your significant other a puzzle this Valentine’s Day, and then you can spend a cozy day inside working on—and getting upset over—completing it.

Chocolate-covered strawberries
Purchase a Valentine’s Day favorite from a Washington University student. Sophomore Madison Williamson is selling chocolate covered strawberries both in person and on her website, www.madimikay.com. Get your significant other a sweet treat for the sweetest holiday of the year.

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