Pumpkins and pies: How to make it feel like fall even though it’s almost freezing

| Senior Scene Editor

Sometimes it feels like there are two seasons in St. Louis: summer and winter. This is one of those times. With temperatures reaching the low 30s and snow constantly popping up in the forecast, it’s hard to remember that the season of pumpkins and knit sweaters is still upon us. Here are a few ways to remind yourself that it’s still fall, even if you need to wear a winter coat while doing them.

Fall foods
Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to indulge on seasonal treats. Locations around the Washington University campus have been serving a variety of festive drinks, such as hot apple cider and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes over the past few weeks. Head over to Starbucks in Bauer Hall if you want to go for the original “PSL,” but dining spaces including Whispers and Cherry Tree also offer the famous fall specialty. Cafe Bergson especially stands out for serving a perfectly crafted caramel pumpkin latte. Also, keep an eye out for the classic pumpkin bar in cafe display cases across campus.

Pie Caramba
If you can’t get enough of fall flavors, sign up with up to three of your friends for Campus Kitchen’s “Pie Caramba” on Saturday, Nov. 16. Time slots run from 3-8:30 p.m. and you’ll get to make two pies: one to keep and one to donate. It’ll be a tasty and fun way to give back! Find more info on their Facebook page.

Watch some classic fall flicks
While Christmas movies may get all the attention, there are plenty of films and TV shows to give you the fall feels. Cozy up on the couch and envision yourself strolling through Central Park like in “When Harry Met Sally” or seeing the bright orange and red leaves fall down on the center of Stars Hollow in “Gilmore Girls.” And even though October has passed, don’t hesitate to rewatch “Halloweentown” for the hundredth time and start planning for next year. If you’re not in the mood to watch something, check out some peaceful, acoustic autumn playlists on Spotify.

Go sweater shopping
There’s nothing like cozy clothes to make you feel the fuzzy fall vibes. Venture off campus with a friend and try on the softest, most comfortable sweaters you can find. Second-hand stores like Avalon are good places to start.

Take a walk in Forest Park
Once you’re all bundled up in your new sweater (and, let’s face it, probably a coat on top as well) take a stroll through the park and soak in the seasonal sights before the leaves fall. Take some photos so you can remind yourself in the thick of winter that fall was actually a thing that happened. This walk is best done with some form of warm drink in hand.

Just move on and embrace winter
Although the fall aesthetic may be attractive, some people are ready to start getting in the holiday spirit. If that sounds like you, take out the string lights and start heating up the hot cocoa. These may have once been post-Thanksgiving tasks, but it seems the holiday season begins immediately after Halloween now, so why not just run with it?

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