Get your money’s worth: Another year, another tuition hike

Katy Hutson and Jaden Satenstein | Senior Scene Editors

Last week, students and parents received an email notifying them of another raise in tuition at Washington University. With the need for a light at the end of this sad, sad email, we at Student Life came up with a list of things Wash. U. could do with this extra money, as well as what students could have done with the money if they kept it. This list is not exhaustive and some ideas might not be possible, but a student can dream.

Things Wash. U. could do with the money:

  • Invest in financial aid
  • Make the Delmar Loop Trolley run on campus
  • Cover more of Sam Fox students’ supply expenses
  • Reduce the price of student parking
  • Place replicas of the Bunny outside of every residence hall so that it’s the first thing students see every morning
  • Subsidize student tickets for student cultural shows
  • Give students more printing money
  • Make Tuesday Tea “Everyday Earl Grey”
  • Just give up, have a snow day and still pay professors so they don’t have to commute on ice
  • Have two WILDs a semester
  • Fully fund all student groups
  • Keep pre-orientation programs
  • Bring back Ibby’s to-go
  • Incorporate therapy dogs into General Chemistry
  • Make study abroad more accessible to low income students
  • Hire someone to finally explain to students why they keep having to pay more money for tuition

Things students could have done with the money:

  • Ride the Loop Trolley 925 times
  • Not base course selection on book/supply expenses
  • Afford Wash. U. without having to sacrifice academic success by working long hours
  • Buy two Canada Goose parkas
  • Avoid the uncomfortable situation in which a friend wants to split an Uber but they can’t afford it
  • Have funds to visit friends and family more often
  • Knit a new sweater for the Bunny to wear every day
  • Not max out their printing money on weekly 100-page readings
  • Buy their family members Christmas presents
  • Have the funds to receive consistent mental health services
  • Not have to drop out of student groups due to expenses
  • Buy a laptop that is conducive to computer science courses
  • Replace their frat basement shoes
  • Afford gas money for a road trip
  • Afford an off-campus apartment when the housing lottery goes bad
  • Sleep peacefully at night without the constant fear of a tuition hike

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