Tyler’s Wardrobe Watch: Fall 2018 Fashion trends do’s and don’ts

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Editor

With every new season comes a new set of fashion trends that get promoted on runways and by major fashion brands. For the fall/winter 2018, a few trends have really stuck out to me as being especially interesting. So, today I would like to over a couple of them, give my personal thoughts and explain how you can incorporate them into your day-to-day outfits.

As a general piece of advice, don’t invest too heavily in one trend, or trends in general. They do change from season to season; so, maybe get a piece or two from a trend to stay fashionably relevant, but don’t go too hardcore or else you’ll be wasting your money.

Check Patterns

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Fall means time to bust out the flannels; so, checks are naturally always in for fall. This trend has been “in” since spring/summer, and just continued into more fall/winter appropriate pieces. You can find tons of brands putting out check pants, shirts, jackets and suits. I feel this is a pretty easy trend to grab and style. Throwing a flannel over a t-shirt or under a shearling coat (another fall trend) is pretty easy for anyone to style regardless of your fashion experience. H&M is a great place to get all different patterns and colors of check shirts and flannels for a reasonable price, but pretty much any store will have a plethora of products in this trend.


Lots of brands have been putting out western and cowboy-inspired products this season. Cow-pattern patches, bolo ties and cowboy boots were all over runways. This is a trend I wouldn’t buy into too much as it seems more like a passing fad, as well as being pretty awkward to wear outside of a high fashion context or at an actual rodeo. But if you are really feeling this trend, a good alternative to going full gunslinger would be wearing a denim shirt with a pair of worn-looking, brown leather Chelsea boots with a brown leather or suede jacket. This will add that western flair to your outfit, while not looking too out of place.

The ‘90s

This has been big in fashion all year. More on the street wear side, ‘90s-inspired looks have been promoted by a lot of major brands. Technical outerwear, tracksuits, loose-fitting pants and brands like Adidas, Champion and Reebok all fall under this trend. Within this trend, I would limit yourself with how much you invest and what you invest in. Go for a parka, bold champion logo sweatshirt and a pair of chunky sneakers as most of those are still relevant fashionable outside this trend. After all, you still want to stay within general fashion rules. Don’t waste your money on baggy pants as, once this trend fades, all you’ll be left with are pants that don’t fit (I’ll come back to this later). I’m overall a fan of this trend, but it’s definitely a more street wear, casual aesthetic that you can’t really dress up.

Color Blocking

I absolutely love color blocking. It’s such an easy style choice if you aren’t the best at color matching. Basically, this is where you pick a color and wear different pieces in different shades of this color. This is also a really easy way to combine with other trends. Let’s say you pick the color brown: You can wear a brown check shirt under a brown shearling coat with brown corduroy pants (another fall trend) and a brown leather or suede pair of chukka or work/hiking boots. Here you’ve combined three fall trends in one with ease while keeping the color pallet balanced. This is one that you can have a lot of fun with and experiment with colors you might not normally wear. Invest in different color clothing as much as possible so that you can color block, as well as mix and match.

Oversized Clothes

I absolutely hate this trend. And it’s been so present for many seasons. So many brands are creating cloths with a more “relaxed” and baggy fit from as casual as sweats, all the way up to suits. Companies are literally telling you to buy clothes that don’t fit. It makes buying clothes very annoying as you have to change your normal sizing because designers intended clothes to fit much looser than they should. Absolutely, do not invest in this trend. Oversized clothes just look dumb and sloppy. The first rule of style is: Fit is king. Buy clothes that actually fit you. They’ll last longer and make you look more put together.

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