Student Life’s survival guide to voting in midterm races

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The midterm elections are rapidly approaching. It can be hard, however, to find a condensed list of what exactly will be on your specific ballot. Washington University students live in an area that straddles multiple legislative districts, so not every student will vote on the exact same races. Presented briefly, here are some of the races that you might see on your ballot if you’re registered to vote here in Missouri, and a guide to figuring out what district you’re in and where your polling place is.

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Districts and district maps can be very confusing—all the above information is more or less useless if you don’t know what district you are actually in. Find your housing in this list to figure out which candidates will be on your ballot. There are also a number of websites, such as Vote Save America or the St. Louis Post-Dispatch voting guide, where you can plug in your address and get a definite preview of which races will appear on your ballot.

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