Here’s 4 ways you can spend Galentine’s day in St. Louis

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There are some people who, when they go to Schnucks and see the giant stuffed bears on sale, think, “Hey! I should send a hint to my beloved that I want one of those!” Others, however, may see the bears and begin to immediately weep inwardly; they are a painful reminder that for the 22nd year in a row, they are as single as a slice of American cheese. But wait! Wasn’t there another holiday, concurrent with Valentine’s Day, one that the wonderful Leslie Knope of “Parks and Recreation” first devised eight years ago? That’s right, it’s Galentine’s Day! Feb. 13 is the day you celebrate the gal pals in your life and the bonds of friendship. Even though I am of the personal belief that there shouldn’t just be one day designated to celebrating either your significant other or your friends, there are a ton of fun events unique to this time of year of which you can take advantage! St. Louis especially does a great job of offering events catering to lovers and friends alike. Here are a few that you and your pals should consider in the coming weeks:

Galentine’s Day at Piccione Pastry

Piccione’s event is perfect for students who want all the sweetness Galentine’s day has to offer but don’t want to stray too far from campus to get it. The bakery, located on the Delmar Loop, will be creating some Galentine’s Day original treats for Feb. 13, including Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cassata Cake, Cabarnet Cannoli and Red Velvet Crazy Cannoli, and each comes with a complimentary glass of champagne when you dine in! These beautiful dessert creations paired with your beautiful friends will make for a beautiful, Instagrammable occasion. #CrazyCannoli #Galentinesday #Girlsnight

Galentine’s Day Pop Up Shop on Cherokee

Cherokee Street is always a fantastic place to get a flavor of local St. Louis. On Feb. 24, local vendors are putting together the perfect gals’ night out experience. Whisk Sustainable Bake Shop will be hosting vendors like Bearded Frida, Lotus Creations and Black Ink Prints, as well as featuring live music by Emily Johnston. At the bakery, you’ll also find event passports with maps and the list of vendors and performances going on all through the street. Saint Louis Hop Shop, Mesa Home, Bespoke and Earthbound Beer will be hosting some more of St. Louis’ female creative talent, making this pop-up shop event the perfect way to celebrate the contributions of the women of St. Louis to the city.

Gutterglitter’s Galentine’s Day Massacre

Gutterglitter defines itself as an “antiracist, antifa, intersectional feminist group that throws events for marginalized folx.” On Feb. 17, they will be celebrating queer love and friendship with an underground queer dance party and drag show. Taking place at the Community Arts and Movement Project on Cherokee Street, the party will feature beats exclusively by women and queer folx. With performances by Maxi Glamour, Roxie Valentine, Schuyler Control, Mustache Daddy and Diamond Devereaux, it is going to be an event you will not want to miss!

CIB Valentine’s Day Bash

Chicks in Bowls, a movement encouraging women and men to get into skate parks on their roller skates, is organizing a skating event to get people active during a time when it is slightly more socially acceptable than usual to consume entire heart-shaped boxes of chocolate alone on your couch. The goal is to introduce more pals to the joys of skating with a supportive community, so beginners are 100 percent welcome! Go to Ramp Riders on Feb. 13 to try a range of ramps, inclines and materials and get the full skating experience. There is nothing like getting outside of your comfort zone to help you connect with your gal pals.

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