Mosaic Whispers take Downtown Disney

| Staff Reporter

Over spring break, the Mosaic Whispers became involved in the full Disney experience—and not just by visiting the park.

The Whispers tour each fall and spring break, usually staying closer to Washington University in the fall and travelling to one of the members’ hometowns in the spring. Once the group determined it would be in Orlando over break, it reached out to Disney.

Although the Disney Performing Arts program usually maintains a competitive application process primarily for high school concert bands, Washington University’s oldest coed a cappella group got a gig and performed at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney through the program.

Sophomore Rohan Khazanchi, one of the Mosaic Whispers’ tenor singers and beat-boxers and the group’s secretary, explained, “Disney seemed enthusiastic and excited that we reached out to them and we were equally excited to be there. Even though a cappella is a big thing [at Wash. U.], many of the people in the audience may not have seen something like it before, so it was great to see their positive response.”

The group’s set included “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce, “Going On” by Gnarls Barkley, “Believe” by Cher, “No Place Like Home” by Marianas Trench and “Revive,” a heavy-metal song that the group has entirely re-arranged.

The Whispers often use their touring opportunities for group bonding as well, and Disney was no different: during the week, they explored Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios and went on spontaneous workouts after meals together. In true Disney fashion, the group’s guide around downtown Disney actually used to play Woody in the parks.

This trip was not the group’s first to a Disney park as it traveled to Disneyland a few years ago as well. And after the performance, the Whispers received a trophy in the shape of Mickey Mouse: a final memento to cap off the Disney experience.

“Disney is such a well-oiled machine that they literally had control over every aspect of the performance; it was great to be part of such an organized and successful institution,” Khazanchi said.

The Mosaic Whispers will be releasing their 10th album around their upcoming annual concert, “Splash of Color.” It has been a couple years since the group has released an album, so this is the first one for Khazanchi, who joined the group in the fall of last year. As the incoming recording chair, Khazanchi plans for the Whispers to record more contemporary music next year and continue to submit songs for “best of” a cappella compilation CDs.

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