How to succeed at WILD

| Senior Scene Editor

WILD can be quite the spectacle. It’s one of the few times per year that the majority of students at Wash. U. leave the books on the shelf and truly let loose. It’s an all-day affair, almost a holiday of sorts. For those of you who have yet to experience the event, it may seem alluring or daunting, exciting or intimidating, but I’m here to tell you that, done right, WILD can be one of the most fun nights of your semester. Here are some suggestions on how to make it an enjoyably smooth ride:

Don’t show up too early

Unless you want a couch. Then, it’s valid. Otherwise, you’ll exhaust yourself if you show up as the doors open at 5:30. Trickle in later and skip the lines. The headliner won’t be on for several hours, and usually the best bonding happens leading up to the event and not in the quad itself.

Drink responsibly

There’s a huge drinking culture around WILD, and a lot of students will choose to participate. There’s no judgment for that. But what you will absolutely regret is drinking way past your limit and spending the entire evening either completely out of control or in your bed sleeping before Icona Pop even goes on. Don’t let this be the first time you get wasted and throw up. That’s way too cliched.

Go with a group

While it’s true of any event that the people you share it with make it the most memorable, this is particularly true of WILD. Get together a group of your friends and hang out beforehand. Not only will these people be the ones in your pictures, they’ll be the ones looking out for you and reminding you (hopefully) not to make too many regrettable choices.

Eat dinner

Don’t make a rookie mistake and consume a liquid dinner only to see it again later. Seriously, grab dinner with your friends, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Remember who’s there

I was once at dinner with Dean Jen Smith when she told me that she loves to come to WILD and see the students acting hilariously. She’s not the only one. Last year, the chancellor and the provost made appearances, and there are a lot of faculty members who volunteer. Be aware of that before you decide to do anything too outrageous. Otherwise, you may receive some awkward eye contact come Monday.

Dress appropriately

At the risk of sounding like your mother, wear comfortable shoes. It’s also completely casual. Depending on the temperature, jeans and a shirt will suffice.

It’s not a music festival

Please leave your flash tattoos and flower crowns at home. This isn’t the time, and it isn’t the place.

With all that said, go enjoy Icona Pop. Make some memories and go pretend we’re all actually cool kids for one night. Godspeed!

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