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While enjoying pumpkin-flavored treats has become a bit of a joke of recent (read that automatic basic status), that doesn’t mean we love pumpkin any less. It is one of my great personal joys of fall to sip on a pumpkin latte—second only to the beautiful autumn colors of this campus. And apparently this is a universal phenomenon, given that the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks has its own Twitter now. Just saying.

At the risk of making a bad joke, I have scoured the patch and made my picks for the best pumpkin options near campus. Enjoy what you find! – Laura Harvey

Baked maple pumpkin latte at Kaldi’s or Kayak’s

While the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks might be gold standard of all fall beverages, I would urge you to try something more local and handcrafted. The baked pumpkin is bright and fresh, plus the whipped cream is laced with cinnamon and nutmeg. You can’t go wrong.

Pumpkin ice cream at Trader Joe’s (48 Brentwood Promenade Ct)

This ice cream is actually 30 percent pure, pumpkin puree so the flavor is bold. It seems like the perfect companion to a Netflix night in.

Pumpkin waffles also at Trader Joe’s

I’m not really sure how this could ever be a bad idea. I would suggest curing your hangover next weekend with a savory brunch item that requires zero effort. You don’t even need to put on pants to enjoy a frozen waffle. Enough said.

Pumpkin bagels at the Bagel Factory (11256 Olive Blvd)

I was recently told that the Bagel Factory in Creve Coeur is the only source of real bagels in the St. Louis area. While I’m not sure about that yet, I can certainly recommend their pumpkin bagel, which balanced its spice level nicely with its hearty texture.

White chocolate pumpkin spice cupcake at Jilly’s (8509 Delmar BLVD)

Just like pizza, it’s pretty hard to screw up a cupcake. But this cupcake is of particular note. Completely worth the short drive to Ladue.

Pumpkin pie Ted Drewes (6726 Chippewa St)

Take advantage of the last bit of warmth St. Louis has to offer, and savor your frozen treats. Ted Drewes is a staple of local cuisine that most Wash. U. students have enjoyed at one point or another. But make the effort to go try their pumpkin pie special this fall. On a bit of a tangent, their caramel apple sundae is also deliciously autumnal in its flavor profile.

Pumpkin spice vodka

For those over twenty-one who have a lot of courage (or perhaps a lack of taste), it seems an imperative to try Burnett’s pumpkin spice flavored vodka. It might go nicely with coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider on a chilly fall evening.

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