Street Style No.1: Nay’Chelle Harris

Megan Magray | Contributing Writer

Megan Magray | Student Life

Name: Nay'Chelle Harris | Hometown: Portland, Ore. | Year: Senior

In the wake of spring, many students find themselves struggling with the newfound freedom to expose their ankles without being struck by hypothermia. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve seen men reduced to wearing cargo shorts in their confusion, being thrust back in time to painful middle-school memories: the era of not knowing how to do the Cupid Shuffle, futile hand-checks on the bus to camp and first kisses that occurred past curfew in the depths of the Appalachian Mountains.

While I generally end up donning a mash-up of pieces designed to cope with the myriad of weather phenomena, there are the golden few who salvage the appearance of Washington University’s population. Meet Nay’Chelle.

Megan Magray: What’s your fashion inspiration?

[laughs] I mean, do you have one?

Nay’ChelIe Harris: I like Pinterest. I really like Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn…have you heard of Shala Monroque? I think she’s still the editor of Garage Magazine. She has really cool style; she wears really cool, funky jewelry. But I don’t know if I have, like, inspiration. [laughs]

MM: Where do you shop?

NH: Online—I’m really lazy. I really like kids’ clothes; I’m really little. But nowhere special. I like to get stuff on eBay just ’cause, like, it’s cheaper. [gestures to earrings] I got these in Nicaragua when I was studying abroad.

Nay’Chelle’s classic but eclectic style can be characterized by her penchant for bold jewelry, patterned items and scarves. Using Nay’Chelle’s ensemble as the standard, you too can transition gracefully into springtime wear. Focus on layering—cardigans and scarves paired with slim cropped pants should do the trick.

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