11 most random items you will find in the bookstore

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Although the bookstore offers useful items such as comfy Washington University pullovers, class textbooks and cold medicine, it also features some items that the average student probably has not encountered. Here is a look at some of the most random items that a Wash. U. student can find in the school bookstore.

1. A Bitty Baby Doll and Books To Accompany It
If you are missing your American Girl Doll or your Bitty Baby Twins, go to the back corner of the bookstore, where you can purchase a Bitty Baby or read Bitty Baby-themed books. You can also enter a contest for the chance to win your own Bitty Baby doll!

2. A Pair of Festive Frog Socks
Although we have not yet celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving, the bookstore is thinking ahead, offering Christmas socks with a large frog face on them. The socks look cozy and warm and may be the perfect way to show off some Holiday spirit.

3. A Craft Adventure
The bookstore features an entire crafts section. If you are feeling crafty, check out “Woolbuddies” and learn the art of needle felting because really, who knows when this skill could come in handy.

4. Some Fabulous Halloween Costumes
These costumes include a lovely “V for Vendetta” mask, apparently accompanied by a book, and a Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set (perhaps meant for children, judging on size).

5. Hello Kitty Themed T-shirts and Games
If you are feeling nostalgic for Hello Kitty, you can pick up some Hello Kitty T-shirts to send to kids you know back home. Or you can enjoy a magnetic Hello Kitty “Dress Me Up” game in your own dorm room.

6. An Entire Section Dedicated to European Chocolates
This section features European chocolates that include Lindt, Ritter and Godiva. Next time you’re craving chocolate or simply seeking a Valentine’s Day present, check out the European chocolate section of the bookstore, where you can choose between dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate, simple milk chocolate, orange-flavored milk chocolate and several other varieties.

7. Informative Magazines
Both on sale at the bookstore, Good Housekeeping and Parenting magazines can help you prepare for later in life. Parenting magazine promises that “even tots can do chores” while Good Housekeeping offers tips on how to “declutter your kitchen!”

8. A Signed Copy of “The Future” by Al Gore
Yes, the signature on the first page of the book is real! The bookstore is currently selling signed copies of Gore’s “The Future,” which explores six motivators of global change.

9. A Leopard Print Winter Hat
Unfortunately, winter is quickly approaching, and we all need to prepare for cold weather. If you don’t yet own a warm winter hat, look into buying this one, complete with dangling pom-poms.

10. 2014 College Handbook
You may have chosen Wash. U., but perhaps you are interested in learning about other colleges out there. The bookstore is selling “College Handbook 2014,” featuring 2,200 four-year universities and 1,700 two-year universities. The front cover casually mentions that it contains “every accredited college in the U.S.”

11. “Slipper Socks” for the Holiday Season
More holiday-themed footwear and a cross between a slipper and a sock, these cleverly named Slipper Socks come in many different forms: pig, zebra, dog and Santa Claus. The socks look warm and comfy, perfect for trudging around the dorms on a cold night.

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