Word on the Street: Apocalyptic confessions

Manvitha Marni

Doomsday is almost upon us. Well, at least according to those of us who continue to ignore reassurance from archaeologists and anthropologists alike that Dec. 21, 2012, although the last day of the “Great Cycle” in the Mayan Long Count calendar, certainly doesn’t mark humanity’s last day on Earth.

People around the world have been preparing for the “impending apocalypse” in various ways. Tourists have flocked to Bugarach, a small town in southern France, in the hopes that come the fateful day, aliens living in a nearby mountain will welcome the town-dwellers aboard their spaceship, saving their lives. In Mexico, where ancient Mayan civilizations spanned the Yucatan and southern part of the country, the atmosphere is one of celebration rather than despair. The Mexican government plans to host celebrations of Mayan culture, hoping to attract tourists to their cultural centers. In the U.S., meanwhile, sales of a variety of supplies, including 2012 books and movies and even survival shelters, have increased.

Whether the apocalypse is actually approaching or not, Scene wanted to know what Wash. U. students might do to prepare for the possible apocalypse, so we asked: if you could have dinner with one person before the apocalypse dawned upon us, who would it be and why?

With additional reporting by Manvitha Marni.

Manvitha Marni

Junior Talya Zax:

“I would eat with Ira Glass, who’s the host of ‘This American Life,’ for a couple reasons. I love documentary radio, and I think he’s one of the most insightful people working in it right now, so I’m sure he’d be a good conversationalist. I also think he’s got a very calming personality, so he’d probably be one of the more soothing people to hang out with before the apocalypse.”

Post-baccalaureate student Laquita Brown:

“I think it would be Jesus Christ just because I’m a Christian and I think it would be a great conversation and I could get like some tips on how to handle the apocalypse.”

Sophomore Brittany Scheid:

“I would have dinner with a very intelligent, top-of-the-field scientist, and perhaps together we could come up with a solution to avoid the ensuing apocalypse.”

Tell us your last pre-apocalyptic wish!

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