Fall break frenzy

Scene Staff

Fall break is this weekend, and thank god. One extra day is such a godsend from the administration, especially after most of us have had exams and papers that have left us sleep-deprived and emotionally distraught. And giving us Friday off, what a great idea! Who cares if most of us already have no class Friday and would rather a Monday break? Ecstatic for this extended weekend, the Scene staff reflects on its plans to take advantage of this generous fall break.

Sometimes, all you need to relax after an exam-packed, sleep-deprived week is 20 needles shoved into various parts of your body. After camping outside Student Health Services for a total of four days crossing my fingers for an appointment with a doctor who would probably just prescribe me Advil and a box of tissues, I’ve decided to pursue alternative medicinal methods. So this fall break, I will be undergoing a mental and physical healing through acupuncture. I’m pretty used to needle injection, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
– Needled Nancy

This is the first time I’ve committed to do anything over fall break. My friends Ellie, Kelly, Shelly and Machiavelli are going camping with me in the Ozarks. We want to see where “Winter’s Bone” was made. Hopefully we don’t get murdered by meth dealers, right? We may even try to see the sights in scenic Branson, Mo., which some people describe as hillbilly Las Vegas. Apparently they have a Titanic museum. Because that’s what a landlocked state needs—a museum about the most famous shipwreck in history. Anyway, we’re looking forward to a couple of days of fresh air, awesome nature and not thinking about the midterms we’re pretty sure we just flunked.
– Adventurin’ Annie
Well, I was going to try to chill out for a day during the break, but I got an email from my state school for an interview for medical school. So I’m driving back home, which is a good eight hours away, after biology on Thursday. I’ll crash there for the night, then head up for the interview that afternoon. After that circus is finished, I’ll return to the house, where my mother will insist that it’s not too late to apply to Harvard med because you just never know and Uncle Terry has a friend who’s a post-doc in Sanskrit there. Apparently, I have yet to learn that it’s not what I know but who.
– Burned out pre-med

What have you got going on for Fall Break? Leave us a comment!

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