We got the heat

Rielley Dabbs

As you unpack your lives into tiny dorm rooms, your closets quickly overflow with what everyone told you were college staples: chunky sweaters and warm leggings. However, upon arrival, you may begin to realize that these staples are destined to remain on your shelves for a few more weeks unless you have a considerable desire to rock the sweaty-mess look in class. You now face a dilemma: how do you stretch your summer styles into the first few weeks of fall? Here are a few of my tried and true methods for surviving the Missouri heat at these upcoming events.

Moving in

We’d all like to think that by the time classes start our shoes will be shelved and our picture frames hung, but in reality (particularly for those that found themselves navigating move-in with no parents) our boxes may be piled high for a few more weeks. The haven of Wash. U.’s air-conditioned dorms is only temporary relief as we make the long trek from the post office to our dorms. Try a different variation on the typical Nike shorts and t-shirt fallback outfit by pairing some classic high-waisted jean shorts with a Hanes v-neck. Perhaps even sacrifice a pair of those old winter jeans that barely made it into your college packing list and give them a new twist with bleach, cuts or studs.


The early birds with 9 a.m. class usually follow a strict dress code of leggings and a simple shirt. You may yearn for the day when you can throw on these pieces without the fear of heatstroke, but a simple sundress is an almost easier option to toss on and will make a better first impression for the first few days of class. For another presentable yet easy option, grab some of those fun printed J. Crew shorts you may have spent the summer wearing and pair them with a simple t-shirt or Oxford button down.


No matter the season, whether rain or shine, you can count on summer heat in the basement of a frat party. Capitalize on the current warm weather with summer’s trendy hot pants and tank tops. Frat parties are a perfect opportunity to show off summer’s color blocking trend. Pair some lacy or eyelet shorts with a sheer top for a more neutral look.


Fall W.I.L.D. takes us into that awkward limbo of breezy summer weather that can be either brutally scorching or leather-jacket worthy. The reality is, Brookings Quadrangle will be so packed with people that you may suffer a heat wave regardless. Play it safe in jean shorts and a long tank top with a bandeau or a cropped t-shirt.

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