Why you can’t get the girl (or guy): Fashion 101 for the average Wash. U. guy

| Cadenza Reporter

Have you ever wondered why that girl or guy in your chemistry class never remembers your name? Or why they never seem to notice your wave while in line for stir fry? Or maybe why people in general aren’t that welcoming to you? Well, look in a mirror and scrutinize your reflection. The problem could be an extremely simple one: bad fashion choices.

In the past, fashion was more of a female domain, but today the everyday male’s fashion consciousness is becoming increasingly important. “Fashion” doesn’t mean purchasing certain designer brands or fretting about whatever is in season. Instead, fashion simply concerns how one presents his exterior image to the world. As superficial as that sounds, image is a form of expression, one with very tangible benefits.

Fashion is an art, and you are both the artist and the canvas. So the seemingly pointless choices you make assembling a wardrobe are actually crucial signals to how others will perceive you. This not only applies to attracting that certain someone’s attention, but has a marketable quality as well. I recently read an article in which consultants helped small business leaders and mid-level employees choose how to dress and present themselves in order to be taken more seriously and look more confident and approachable.

Here are my two cents on how you can make simple changes that don’t change who you are in order to help you make a positive impression on everyone you meet and hopefully that guy or girl.

The first step to fashion success is reserving time to make decisions. Twenty extra minutes in the morning can make all the difference. This time allows you to weigh options and execute your image for the day. This includes hair, facial hair, clothes, smell, teeth and much more. These variables concern three of the five senses: touch, smell and sight. These extra 20 minutes can considerably affect another’s entire perception of you, usually favorably.

For these 20 minutes, let’s focus on simple decisions, rather than other details. As stupid as this may sound, making the decision to brush your teeth (floss, too!) and showering are the most underrated actions of getting ready. A yellowed smile and any hint of body odor will never help anyone. Always brush your teeth and shower.

Next, hair. It’s my belief that only a few guys can pull off long hair or facial hair. Be honest with yourself. To be safe, shave whenever stubble appears, and cut your hair before it becomes unruly.

Lastly, choose to wear clothing that doesn’t have holes or stains. Avoid anything that resembles child’s wear or generic clothing (The shirt you tie-dyed in chemistry in high school is not attractive, ever.). Instead, make sure you wear clean clothes without any blemishes and with a sense of maturity.

Hopefully you’ll find that the simplest of steps will make others more willing to approach and remember you.

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