Hot seams: Fall fashion’s big five

Okay ladies, school is just around the corner and fall fashion is already underway. It’s finally time to put our knowledge of the fall fashion shows to good use and open up those thick September issues in an effort to fill our closets with the latest trends and this season’s staple pieces. Too busy setting up your dorm rooms and apartments to pick up a magazine? Don’t fret; consider this your cheat sheet.

Minimalism. Phoebe Philo stole the show this season with her fundamentally minimalist fall collection. With combinations of black trousers, white blouses, neutral colored coats, black blazers and subtle splashes of leather and silk, her collection seems easy—and, ultimately, functional. There is nothing fussy about these looks. On the contrary, it is a collection of timeless basics and comfortable knits that just so happen make a gal feel both put together and at ease. So, if you’re seeking an understated trend that will last you longer than just this season, minimalist dressing might be your calling.

1950s. Attention all vintage shoppers: 1950s-inspired silhouettes have made their comeback in the ever-changing fashion world, with Louis Vuitton and Prada being this trend’s biggest advocate. Hourglass shape dresses, retro bustiers and below-the-knee pencil skirts lit up this fall’s runways. And for all of you ladies who happen to be sick, tired and in pain from your five inch stilettos, you’ll be happy to know that kitten heels are back this season.

Men’s Apparel. The feminist in me smiled triumphantly after seeing Chloe, Celine and Alexander Wang “man up” in their fall runways. This trend just goes to show that whatever men can do, we can do better, and yes—I’m talking about menswear. Ankle-length trousers and tailored suit jackets are just the beginning. We no longer have to title this look as “borrowed-from-the-boys;” we can simply call it our own. Rest assured, I’m gloating.

Faux Fur. I’m sure PETA will be pleased to know that faux fur is back… in a big way. Chanel’s runway was loaded with a slew of faux fur pieces that included coats, pants, boots and even bags! Whether you’d like to channel celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe by wearing a faux fur vest, or go head-to-toe as Karl Lagerfeld suggests, you can be sure that the animal lovers of the world won’t be coming after you this season.

Camel Tones. Camel hues are everywhere this fall, particularly in the form of jackets and wool coats. This neutral shade will provide you with the versatility to spice up or tone down any look. It’s classic, relevant and chic, so if you’re looking for the cherry on top of your minimalistic-1950s inspired-menswear-faux fur ensemble, a camel coat might do the trick.

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