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As the school year winds down and exams pile up, you may notice that study spots on campus are getting more and more crowded. Instead of waiting to pounce on the next available study carrel in the library, consider doing your work in one of these conveniently located places.

Starbucks Coffee | 6621 Delmar Blvd.
If you’re tired of drinking the same Kaldi’s beverages while doing work on campus, then enjoying a cup of Starbucks while studying in a relaxed café atmosphere could be a good option for you. This article, in fact, was written while sitting there. The Starbucks on the Loop has many comfortable couches along with a variety of small and large tables for studying. Technically, you can get Internet here only if you have either a Starbucks card or an AT&T account. As the baristas assured me, however, there are plenty of free, local wireless networks that you can connect to.

Kaldi’s | 700 Demun Avenue

If you live on the 40, then Kaldi’s is just a scenic walk down Wydown away. Although the thought of going off campus just to be served the same brand of coffee offered on campus may not make sense, be assured that Kaldi’s Coffeehouse offers a wider variety of drink and pastry options than you’re used to. Plus, in my opinion, the drinks are brewed better here. Although the café appears small at first glance, there is plenty of space in the back for studying. Also, Kaldi’s gives paying customers a code for two-hour Internet access upon request.

Kayak’s Coffee | 276 Skinker Blvd.

Kayak’s offers not only free wireless Internet but also a funky café atmosphere. Since it is the unofficial off-campus study spot, there is a high probability that you will run into a friend, classmate or even TA at this café. The ample counter space is perfect if you’re the type to study with three textbooks, two notebooks and a solutions manual open, and the large round tables are ideal for group studying. If you go to Kayak’s to escape Kaldi’s coffee, however, you might be disappointed: Kaldi’s recently bought out Kayak’s, so the coffee brand is now served there as well.

St. Louis Bread Co. | 6630 Delmar Blvd.
As with many other locations, this St. Louis Bread Co. offers free Internet; and no, you don’t even have to buy anything. If you’re tired of the food on campus, St. Louis Bread Co. is a great place to go to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner and then study. Rest assured that you’ll most likely never have to wait for a table in this spacious café. Outdoor seating is also available, which is especially great for studying during sunny, springtime days.

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