Spring: To fling or not to fling?

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Dear readers,

I’ve been watching you. And I know what’s on all your minds: spring. And along with spring comes the decision…to fling or not to fling?

It’s inevitable that this question comes up at this time of year—undoubtedly, spring is here. The temperature is up and the sun is out, bringing everyone out of hibernation. Suddenly, girls are studying their bio notes while in bikinis, and shirtless guys are playing Frisbee on just about every green space on campus. Between massive amounts of skin exposure, the carefree music blasting from every dorm window and that certain indescribable essence that comes with spring, everyone is feeling that little bit of additional pressure to make like the birds and bees.

It’s not just the environment that gives us this feeling, though. The end of the school year comes with a sense of liberation and urgency. Let’s face the facts: In about six weeks, most of us will be going home, and all you seniors will soon be out of here for good. This time crunch helps us realize that this is our last chance to talk to that hottie in psych class or finally ask out that freshman floor crush. And since you’re getting off this campus so soon, what do you really stand to lose?

Opportunities are everywhere, and they’re being talked about by everyone: I’ve heard terms like “senior scramble” (apparently all the seniors want someone to introduce to their families at graduation), and “DTFA” (Down to…um…“Fiesta” April)* used in regular conversation. And the discussions about fraternity and sorority formals are in every corner of Whispers—whether certain expectations need to be filled, and if it would really be so bad to hook up with that “just friend” you’re bringing as a date.

While I often tend to encourage serious relationships, I have to deviate from my normal advice here. In my opinion, there are honestly very few things healthier than having a spring fling. We’ve spent all year cramming and holed up in our rooms; what better way is there to end the year than by finding someone you really enjoy hanging out with and having a little carefree tryst for a few weeks? After our months of hibernation, having someone to walk with through Forest Park and make out with in the grass outside Olin sounds like a well-deserved reward to me. You’ve got a bit over a month left here, guys. Make the most of it!

Just remember that when you take the plunge and ask that babe out for ice cream followed by a snuggle and maybe a little something else, you can sometimes get more than you bargained for. Sometimes you end up falling for your fling—and that can turn into something more serious, or it can leave you with a bit of a broken heart. So have that fling, but keep it light and keep it fun. And remember, birds and bees have a short lifespan, but you’ll still have to see this person next fall.

*Fiesta is a very polite term for the actual acronym.

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