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Monica Mendal | Scene Fashion Columnist

Today, social media has evolved into an unshakable phenomenon that has brought all of us fashion lovers a little bit closer to the fabulously exclusive bubble of the fashion industry. Thousands of bloggers have taken over the fashion sphere, sharing with us street-style photos and fashion show critiques, while also introducing us to seasonal trends. The creativity and talent of some of these bloggers have landed them front-row seats at major fashion shows and editorial coverage in leading fashion magazines. Allow me to narrow down the top fashion bloggers of the moment:

For the ultimate fashion lover: Garance Dore

Oh, Garance. No one does it better than she does. Garance Dore is a Parisian blogger, photographer and illustrator who devotes her blog to personal fashion experiences, fashion faux pas and the stylish lives of the people she photographs. She has gained her respect by photographing fashion editors and stylists like Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia. Not only are her photos loaded with the industry’s top trendsetters, but her blog entries are fun and enthusiastic. Recently, she has used videos to document the photo shoots and fashion shows she attends, thus providing her readers with something a bit more tangible.

For the college guy in need of a fashion tune-up: The Sartorialist

Not only do I find Scott Schuman to be one of the dreamiest men in the industry, but he is also one of the most experienced and talented fashion bloggers today. After working in sales for top fashion houses like Valentino and opening his own showroom to aid young designers with press and sales, Schuman began photographing people (“cool people,” as he specified) of all ages on the streets of Paris, Milan and New York. He has a keen eye for classic, fashion-forward looks. With the success of his blog, he earned a monthly page in GQ Magazine and other photography jobs for Guys, if you’re looking to impress the ladies with a fresh new style, The Sartorialist is your go-to blog for clean, hip looks.

For an edgy street-style inspiration: Jak & Jil

Replacing Scott Schuman as’s Fashion Week street photographer, Tommy Ton updates his own blog with edgy fashion trends that he observes on the streets during fashion weeks. Metal, grunge and unconventional shapes and textures seem to be major recurring themes in his images. Snapping photos of top runway models and big-time editors, Ton pays specific attention to detail. He has made quite the name for himself in the industry as a leading and innovative photographer.

For the shoe fanatic: Sea of Shoes

Who doesn’t know Jane Aldridge and her Sea of Shoes by now? If you’re one of those people, shame on you! Aldridge’s success story might be one of the most impressive of all. At age 17, Aldridge has a more mature style than women twice her age. Through her blog, she posts images of herself in vintage ensembles, paying special attention to shoes. Her collection of designer shoes is enough to make even the chicest Park Avenue wife envious. This year, with the help of Vogue (no big deal!), Aldridge was invited to the Crillon Ball in Paris. Clad in Chanel Haute Couture, she was honored as an international debutante. Ooh la la!

For those of you who want a model’s perspective: Hanneli Mustaparta

Having been a model for almost a decade and currently working as a freelance stylist, Norwegian beauty Hanneli Mustaparta is quite familiar with the workings of the industry. With a simple, clean layout, Mustaparta’s blog contains Fashion Week event coverage and artistic street style photos, as well as Vogue spreads that have inspired her. Recently she has used her blog to promote her own fashion editorials and experiences. Fashion giveaways are another fun factor that contribute to the excitement of reading Mustaparta’s blog.

For those of you who want an intelligent runway critique: On the Runway

New York Times Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn uses her blog to freely express her opinions during Fashion Week. Though some might see Horyn’s reviews as harsh, provocative and downright cynical, I find them to be honest, enlightening and knowledgably opinionated. Having been a fashion journalist for almost 25 years, Horyn has integrity and credibility that cannot be ignored.

For those of you who want reviews with an attitude: Bryanboy

If you want a fashion blogger with protruding personality, then Bryanboy’s your man. Think Perez Hilton but in fashion form. Freelance Web designer-turned-major fashion blog phenomenon Bryanboy had a Marc Jacobs ostrich tote from the fall 2008 collection named after him. It doesn’t get more impressive than that! Bryanboy’s blog is loaded with runway images, fashion videos, celebrity styles and lots of “me, myself and moi” tributes.

For the portrait photographer: Yvan Rodic

He is most commonly known for his “Face Hunter” blog consisting of unique street style photos. I personally happen to be more impressed with his contemporary blog of cool, edgy photographs of people he meets while traveling. This blog has no commentary and focuses solely on images. His pictures are an honest portrayal of trends and eccentric beauty that isn’t often captured through a lens.

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