21 Questions with Partick McLean

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If you’ve ever been studying on campus late at night, you’ve probably seen members of Bear Patrol in their neon vests.  Student Life sat down to talk to sophomore Patrick McLean, a member for Bear Patrol, about his job.

1. What is your name?
Patrick McLean

2: What’s your job on campus?
I am a driver for Bear Patrol.

3. So what exactly is Bear Patrol?
Bear Patrol gives students rides from anywhere to anywhere else on campus.

4. What kind of program is it?
It is a work-study program coordinated by the police department.

5. Exactly how much police involvement is there in the program?
There is quite a bit. Well, not the police directly.

6. How so? Basically we wait for the dispatcher, who answers the requests for
students, to give us the location to drive to.

7. How many students are involved in this program?
There are 15 students participating.

8. Do you know how the program started?
No, I do not.

9. This seems like a tough job. When exactly are the times for the Patrol?
It is from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., all seven days of the week.

10. How long is each shift?

Each shift is two hours.

11. What is the pay like?

It is $8.25 per hour.

12. So what type of vehicle do you drive?

I drive a golf cart.

13. Those look pretty cool. Is it fun to drive the golf cart?

Not really, it is pretty slow.

14. Have you ever run into any complications during your shift?
Nope. None at all.

15. How long have you worked at Bear Patrol?
Since the beginning of this year.

16. So far, how popular is the program among students?
It is fairly popular…We get calls pretty much
every night of the week.

17. Around what time is the patrol most requested?

It is usually the most popular in the last shift, from around [midnight] to 2 a.m.

18. What do you do during free time when you are on the shift?
I usually do my homework, but you can do anything you want as long as you stay in Whispers while you are on the shift.

19. What is the largest number of requests you have gotten in one shift?

I have gotten five people in one night.

20. Do you like your job?

Yeah! It is good.

21. Would you recommend this job to others?


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