21 Questions with Claire Zucker

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Freshman Claire Zucker is starring in the upcoming production of “The Vagina Monologues” on campus.

1. What is your name?

Claire Zucker.

2. What is your hometown, and what is it known for?

London, England—the best, most fantastic melting pot of people in the world.

3. What’s the furthest you’ve been from there? And what did you do there?

I went to Kenya last spring break to work with WISER (the Women’s Institute of Secondary Education of Research), a nonprofit non-governmental organization, building the first girls’ boarding school and research center in a very rural area of Kenya.

4. What is your year and major?

Freshman, undecided.

5. Describe your freshman year so far in three words.

Bear’s Den at 2 a.m.

6. What are your TV addictions?

“Weeds,” “Entourage,” “Big Love.”

7. Name your fourth most-played song on iTunes.

“In This City” by Iglu & Hartly.

8. What would no one ever guess about you based on first meeting you?

I was a ginger for three years.

9. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you while on an airplane?

I once sat in between two massive gospel singers who both ended up trying to convert me into a Christian. I was 9 and flying alone. It was super weird.

10. What is the most embarrassing thing happen to you in class?

Caught up in a rant, I got the two phrases “anal-retentive” and “obsessive-compulsive” mixed up. I told my entire class I was “anal-compulsive.” It was pretty embarrassing.

11. What is number 6 on your bucket list?

Swim with a killer whale or backpack across Thailand.

12. If you were to go to rehab for something, what would it be?

Dancing. Or re-watching “Almost Famous.”

13. You’re in “Vagina Monologues,” but besides that, what are you involved in on campus this semester?

CS40, Pi Phi, Carnaval, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

14. What prompted you to try out for “Vagina Monologues”?

I did it sophomore year of high school and just loved everything about it.

15. Describe your part in the show.

My monologue is a little crazy. It’s trying to change our impressions of a typically really offensive word into a positive woman-friendly term. I’m probably going to shock a couple of people.

16. What has being a part of “Vagina Monologues” taught you?

Even though we now defer to mediums of blogging, Facebooking and even tweeting to get word around, there is something truly special about human voice. I definitely take speaking for granted, but after being moved to the core by a different monologue during every single rehearsal, I’ve been reminded that there is something truly special about the spoken word. Also, I can now say the word “vagina” without the slightest hesitation (my parents are so proud).

17. What’s something funny that happened during rehearsals?

Part of Alissa’s monologue is to let out a couple moans, to put it delicately, and when we were rehearsing in the Village, people outside kept overhearing it, and we could see them stop in the hallway. It definitely put a smile on our faces.

18. Why should people go to the show?

All proceeds are split between Lydia’s House, a transitional housing shelter for abused women in St. Louis, and ending violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So you are basically donating to two really worthy causes and getting to see a fantastic, funny, touching show!

19. What are you most nervous about for the performances?

Not giving the monologue everything it deserves and more.

20. I was told to ask, do you love your vagina?


21. Lastly, what company slogan best describes you?

Just do it.

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