21 Questions with Abby Turner

Andong Chen | Scene Reporter
(Andong Chen | Student Life)

(Andong Chen | Student Life)

1. What is your name?

Abby Turner

2. When is your birthday and horoscope?

August 22, 1988. I am a Leo.

3. Do you actually believe in horoscopes?

Kind of; it depends on the day. I have an application on iGoogle. Some days, my horoscope will be totally on, and that is when I believe in horoscopes. On other days, my horoscope will be completely untrue, and I won’t believe in horoscopes on those days.

4. What is your year and major?

I am a senior, majoring in anthropology.

5. Where is your hometown and, on a scale of 7 to 53, how exciting is it?

I am originally from Olney, Maryland. I would rate it a 27, because it is in the suburbs close enough to everywhere, such as exciting shopping centers, by car.

6. What is the one thing I would not know about you the first time we met?

I have a secret talent. I can play the song “Erie Canal” on the piano upside-down with my hands crossed over.

7. What is your favorite animal to have as a pet?

I would like to have a dog, preferably a Doxin.

8. What are you involved in at school?

I am in WUDT (Washington University Dance Theatre), Chi Omega and ResLife. This is my second year as an RA (residential advisor). I am in Shandeling.

9. What is your favorite part of your job as an RA?

I love being a part of the RA community. I feel that RAs are some of the most caring and eccentric people I have met in Wash. U., and I feel very privileged to be a part of this group.

10. Which building in Wash. U. (outside of Shandeling of course) is your favorite and why?

It would have to be Eliot—no, not the dorm, [but] the building on [Danforth] campus. I just feel that it is the underdog on campus. Everyone dislikes it and says we should tear it down, so that is why it is my favorite.

11. Are you a night owl or a morning bird?

I am definitely a morning person. I get up at 7 a.m. every day.

12. Which superpower would benefit you most as an RA?

Time travel.

13. If you had an extra hour in a day, how would you spend it?


14. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t get caught up in the little things.

15. What’s the biggest personal change you’ve made since becoming an RA?

Before, I just needed to take care of myself. Now, I have to make other people a huge priority.

16. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you last semester?

I don’t own rain boots and my flip-flops have bad traction. It was raining one day, and I fell down a flight of stairs in the physics building.

17. If there was one thing you could have done differently in college, what would it be?

[Not] take friends for granted, and do better at balancing work and play.

18. How accurate is your first impression of others?

That always depends. I always have a good impression of people at first, and I tend to believe in the best in everyone. If someone actually turns out to be an awesome person, then my first impression is very accurate!

19. If you had to be stuck on a deserted island with someone (can be fictional, non-fictional, dead or alive) who would you choose?

My mom.

20. Do you follow your head or heart more?

My head.

21. What are your plans for after college?

I am either going to grad school for a master’s in medical science or going to med school!

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