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(Josh Goldman | Student Life)

(Josh Goldman | Student Life)

Looking at the class profiles for business schools across the country, it becomes quite obvious that the sector is mostly male. Indeed, the Olin Business School displays this trend with over 60 percent of its students being male. Leave it to the women at Washington University, however, to throw statistics aside and to ensure their representation at Olin.

The Female Association of Business (FAB) was founded in the fall of 2008 by juniors Krizia Calmet and Cindy Yovino to represent female business undergraduates. Unlike similar programs, including business fraternities and the Weston Career Center, however, FAB is devoted to helping women develop skills necessary for business and giving them unique opportunities in the field.

Calmet, one of FAB’s co-founders, thought about creating FAB while browsing Web sites for colleges like University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, which have strong female business societies. She wanted a similar yet more inclusive organization at Wash. U. so that female undergraduates could band together. As Calmet explained, “Our club is a way for women to meet people and to meet professionals in St. Louis or professors and to have more of a community feel.”

While the group has not received Student Union funding due to its similarity to other organizations, it is working to differentiate itself. FAB has brought in a variety of female CEOs and managers from St. Louis to speak to students about their personal struggles and experiences.

In addition, FAB holds “meet and mingle” events where women in the business school can meet for lunch and get to know one another. Calmet explained the importance of this type of event, saying, “The business school has a majority of guys. Sometimes, I feel like the girls are not as much represented in classes, and they’re intimidated to speak up. FAB is a great way to meet people and to be more comfortable.”

Although FAB may be catered more towards female undergraduates in Olin, Calmet explained that the club is open to everyone. In fact, the group’s next big event will be Dress for Success, a free fashion show that will show all students (yes, male and female) what to wear for interviews and on the job.

As Calmet said, “Lots of students don’t really know what to wear to an interview, especially because they haven’t had any experience.

“Dress for Success will be a fun event and also informative because you’ll see actual students wearing outfits and you can picture yourself in them,” she added.

Dress for Success is the brainchild of junior FAB member Lianne Hall, who received support from Delta Sigma Pi and the Weston Career Center. The event will feature clothing from Macy’s, makeup demonstrations from Clinique, and free food and giveaways. There will also be managers and representatives from the West County Macy’s, so the event will be an excellent opportunity for networking.

All are welcome to come. As Calmet explained, “Even with any job like engineering you have to interview, and you have to wear certain attire, so it’s open to anyone.”

With the All-Campus Internship and Job Career Fair coming in two weeks, Dress for Success will be helpful for choosing what to wear.

The event will also be a reminder of FAB and female business undergraduates’ presence at Wash. U. So check out FAB’s first fashion show at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the Danforth University Center’s Tisch Commons.

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