Freshman Press: Where to go…? Hot spots to hit before classes!

| Freshman Press Reporters

For some students, coming to school can be a tad bit stressful: moving in, registering for classes, taking diagnostic tests and meeting new roommates. But let’s not forget that we have a few days before classes begin; days that are left almost completely free. So where are students planning to go and what are they going to do during these days?

The Loop is an accessible and inexpensive destination that many students from Washington University go to in their free time. With restaurants, a movie theatre, shopping and more, the Delmar Loop is a favorite among students.

Cool down with a sweet treat at Fro Yo or try Thai Country Café, which offers a great atmosphere to complement their excellent food. Catch up with friends after a few months of summer vacation in the St. Louis Bread Company. And don’t forget to drop into The Pageant and Thai Pizza Company, as recommended by sophomore Erik Skartvedt.

The Loop isn’t the only place students are spending their time, however. Many students choose to visit St. Louis’s famous Gateway Arch.

“I love the Arch, I actually haven’t been up it, but I went last year on the scavenger hunt,” sophomore Ariel Krause said.

If you don’t want to spend the money to get up into the Arch itself, the Museum of Westward Expansion, directly underneath, provides a great opportunity to visit the Arch for free and learn about Lewis & Clark’s expeditions as well as the planning and construction of the city’s most famous attraction.

In addition to going off campus, there are plenty of places right here at Wash. U. where students love to hang out. The Umrath and South 40 Houses are a prime destination for many returning students who want to check out how all the construction from last year turned out.

You can spend your time at the new Bear’s Grill, a quick, convenient place to get your food and hang out with friends. Students are also heading to hot spots like the Village and of course the Danforth University Center.

If you think it’s a cliché to just go to restaurants and visit places, try out the many popular auditions on campus and see if you can make the cut. Some students like sophomores Phoebe Tran and Martina Mok are starting the year on an involved foot by trying out for different extracurricular groups such as a theatre production with the Performing Arts Department or an a cappella group.

Wherever you are going, whether it’s the Loop, the Arch or just staying on campus, there is always something interesting to do before we delve into the world of studying. Let’s take advantage of these few precious days before the stress of classes begins and have fun!

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