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With exams just around the corner and papers due at any moment, holiday presents have taken a backseat to studying, sleep and stressing out. With all of our creative energy being poured into these last few remaining weeks of school, there is little left over for giving original gifts. So to help relieve some of the load that Wash. U. students have come to know—and sometimes maybe even love?—here is a gift-giving guide that promises to astonish and amaze:

Tickets to the Tivoli—or any other theater

Who doesn’t love a good show? Be sure to include tons of candy for some movie munchies.

A massage gift certificate, available from the South 40 Fitness Center

Perfect for an early gift, especially since we’re in the midst of super-stressful exam weeks. Remind your friends that they need to take time to relax.

A Christmas or Hanukkah basket

For Christmas, buy lights, a stocking, ornaments, candy canes, a little tree or anything else Christmas-themed. For Hanukkah, stick with dreidels, gelt and any other tchotchkes you can find. If you’re feeling particularly generous, give a menorah, either the traditional candle or the electric kind.

Magazine subscription

Need I say more?

C is for cookie!

That’s good enough for me!

Like to bake? Make your specialty, nestle it in festive tissue paper in a box, wrap it, tie a bow and deliver with love. Or if you’re not such a keen cook, give a make-your-own, enter-baked-good-of-your-choice-here gift. Find a glass jar and a simple recipe. Layer the dry ingredients such as flour and sugar in a jar, include the recipe on a card tied around the neck of the jar, and wait for them to offer you a taste of the treat. After all, you did help!

For a sweet and simple gift, do the same with hot chocolate. Layer the cocoa powder with marshmallows, a cute mixing spoon and a mug or two.

This is just a short sampling of gifts-that-could-be. Think about something unique to your recipient, like something special that you have in common or an inside joke, and give a gift that’s meaningful and special. If you put just a little thought into it, anything you give will be appreciated. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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