#HandsUp Walk Out event sees 500 community members make silent loop around campus

Around 500 members of the Washington University community participated in the #HandsUp Walkout event on Monday to honor Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager who was killed by a police officer two weeks ago in Ferguson, Mo. Attendees assembled at the Brookings Steps, where they stood for a moment of silence before walking in a procession, silently, around the Danforth campus.

Read Thursday’s issue of Student Life for a full story on the event.

handsupwalkout18Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout11Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout10Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout6Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout5Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout4Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout2Megan Magray | Student Life
handsupwalkout1Megan Magray | Student Life

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