Gregg Adams withdraws from the fall 2017 SU Senate race amidst student concern regarding past comments

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Freshman Gregg Adams, a Student Union Senate candidate criticized for discriminatory speech and misconduct, announced his withdrawal from tomorrow’s election in a letter addressed to the election commissioner and the Washington University community.

After his discriminatory messages were released publicly, Adams saw it in his best interest to withdraw from the race.

“I decided to drop out of the race because, personally, I’ve talked with friends and family and we all think it’s the right thing to do—because personally I don’t want to mess with the image that Student Union has, because we have a great Student Union,” Adams told Student Life. “I don’t see myself running again for any office soon.”

Student Union also released a statement in response to Adams’ withdrawal calling for electoral accountability and condemning discriminatory action.

“Student Union does not condone discrimination of any kind. With that said, Student Union works to ensure that all elections are fair. Beyond this, it is up to the student body, through voicing their opinions and voting, to decide who is elected to office. Students should continue holding their leaders accountable, both candidates and elected officials,” the statement reads.

In his withdrawal letter, Adams apologizes again for the conversations he started about women and for his conduct during the Washington University Model United Nations conference. He also reaffirms his stance on religious freedom and serving LGBTQIA* customers.

The letter, submitted to freshman Steven Kish, the SU election commissioner, follows in full:

Dear Mr. Kish and members of the Wash. U. community,

The recent discourse regarding my senatorial campaign has been negative, to say the least. It has been made very clear that a group of people on this campus do not want to see me elected to the SU Senate. This opinion is not an opinion lacking any evidence, as we have seen old messages and behavior dug up from my past. I would like to once again apologize for the things I said regarding the female populace. These statements were out of order, and are disgusting and despicable to say the least. I would like to reiterate that these statements do not represent me as a person whatsoever, and these statements made nearly a year ago should never have been said. However, I do not apologize for voicing my opinion on religious freedoms. In a conversation that took place in a political GroupMe discussion, I tried to argue that a business should not be required to grant services to a wedding ceremony that they feel is in contrast to their religious beliefs. Admittedly, I did a very poor job explaining my stance, but I will not apologize for arguing what I think is fair. Regarding my conduct during the Washington University Model United Nations Symposium (WUMUNS), I definitely crossed the boundary. The WUMUNS executives set a very strict line that staffers were expected to not cross, but I crossed that line. I viewed a few delegates as friends and treated them like they were not delegates at our conference. This was inappropriate as a staff member and not in accordance with the WUMUNS policy. Since then, the executive board has taken action that they deemed fit, and I have complied.

At the end of the day, this senatorial race was never meant to put myself above everyone else. I wanted to run for a seat in the Senate to serve Wash. U. students and to make Wash. U. a better place for everyone. Despite this, I feel as if my presence in the SU Senate would taint the reputation and standing of our student government. This would be unfair to all members of our amazing Student Union, and I refuse to let myself be the cause of such disruption.

Mr. Kish, I am announcing my withdrawal from the Fall 2017 senatorial race.

Best Regards,

Gregg Adams

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