Student Union Senate speaker resigns after two semesters

| Senior News Editor

Junior Ben Hauser, Student Union Senate’s Speaker for the past two semesters, resigned following this weekend’s general budget proceedings.

Hauser cites mental health as the reason for his resignation and said he had considered turning in his resignation in mid-January, but decided that he should stay on through the general budget.

“After talking to the Senate leadership and a couple of people I’m close with on SU, I came to the conclusion that it’d be best for Senate as a whole if I stayed on until general budget—the last major milestone before elections—and then resigned immediately after. So, that was sort of my timeline in terms of why I resigned the day after general budget and why that happened,” he said.

Hauser’s resignation aligns with the announcement of an investigation into Senate, but Hauser and SU President and senior Kenneth Sng said that the resignation had been planned prior to the investigation and that they were not linked.

Sng said that Hauser had scheduled to meet about the resignation in advance and that some members of Senate were already aware.

“He scheduled the meeting with me before, long before. As far as I can tell, he had planned to resign for a while,” Sng said. “And based on my knowledge it seemed that some senators were already aware that the resignation was going to take place after the general budget.”

Hauser’s resignation comes following the resignation of three Junior Class Council members last week and former SU Vice President of Administration Sankalp Kapur earlier this month.

Zakary Kadish, a sophomore senator, said that Hauser has served well in his role and will be missed by Senate.

“Ben was a driving force behind Senate. Not only did he passionately advocate for the needs of the student body, he stood up for Senate and truly spoke for us, even when it was unpopular to do so. Aside from his official duties, he was a fantastic mentor, a great listener and a friend to many of us,” Kadish said. “I believe I speak for all of us on Senate when I say that his leadership and personality will be truly missed.”

The new speaker of the Senate will be chosen within the next two weeks, although the Senate term ends at the end of March and elections are March 7. SU Vice President of Administration and senior Cary Cheng said that either the most senior member of Senate will be appointed as Speaker or a Speaker will be elected by senators and appointed temporarily.

In the meantime, sophomore senators Tyler Tran and Brian Adler are splitting Hauser’s responsibilities and will run both internal and external communications for Senate.

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