Three members of Junior Class Council resign

| Staff Reporter

Three members of Student Union’s Junior Class Council resigned Thursday night, citing other responsibilities which they said led to an inability to fulfill their roles effectively.

Vice President of Administration Patrick Cannon, Vice President of Programming Oscar Morris and Vice President of Finance Jake Chong individually tendered their resignations from the council, leaving only Junior Class Council (JCC) President Mark McMillin and Vice President of Public Relations Eric Vistnes on the executive board.

Although Student Union elections for next year are only two and a half weeks away, the roles must be filled immediately in accordance with SU rules. McMillin said the process to select replacements is underway, and nominations will hopefully be made by midweek.

McMillin said that the resignations of Cannon, Morris and Chong were largely due to an inability to sufficiently execute their responsibilities because they had over-committed themselves to various extracurricular organizations.

“They didn’t really have the time or ability to properly function in their roles,” he said. “They believed that in their positions…it would be better for them to step down and allow someone who could devote more time to the role to really step in and take their place.”

Chong largely echoed this sentiment.

“This is one of the busiest semesters I’ve had at school, and I’m involved in a lot of different things, so I guess time commitment was my biggest issue,” he said. “Obviously, this is a big responsibility, and I didn’t think it would be fair to the class of 2018 to have someone representing them that couldn’t devote much time to this.”

According to McMillin, the timing of the resignations was likely because of a domino effect following the resignation of one member.

“I think they had all already had these thoughts, and when the first one said ‘I’m going to have to resign,’ the other two agreed,” he said.

According to SU Vice President of Programming Richard Wu, a junior, nominations to fill the vacant positions will be presented to Treasury and Senate midweek due to the constitutional provision requiring positions be filled as soon as possible. McMillin noted that candidates for at least two of the posts have been identified, but declined to name them.

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