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New SU VP Admin gears up for spring election efforts

| Senior News Editor

As Student Union’s new Vice President of Administration, senior Cary Cheng hopes to make sure that students run and vote in the upcoming SU election.

Cheng, who had previously served as SU’s chief of staff since his appointment in November, was confirmed by Senate and Treasury on Monday and will serve as VP Admin until March 28.

CaryChengHeadshotCourtesy of Cary Cheng

His Feb. 13 appointment comes following the Feb. 7 resignation of junior Sankalp Kapur, who cited over-involvement in extracurricular activities as his reason for stepping down.

As a senior, Cheng will be ineligible to run as VP Admin in the March 7 election, which senior and SU President Kenneth Sng noted as a benefit to other students considering the position.

“Given that spring elections are happening in less than a month’s time, appointing a senior will [allow] SU Execs to function at full capacity while not affecting the electoral chances of students who are considering running for the VP Admin position,” Sng told Student Life in a statement.

At present, the primary responsibility of the VP Admin is to run the upcoming elections, and Cheng hopes to drum up student interest, both in running for positions and voting.

“My short term focus is running the SU elections coming up,” Cheng said. “My goal is to try to get as many people to run as possible and try to see if we can break the all-time record for the spring election turnout. That is one of my personal goals; I like breaking records.”

Cheng plans to create a Facebook event that interested students can join, as well as to host information sessions to break down the election procedures for potential candidates. He noted that some students are unsure of what students involved with SU do on a day-to-day basis and thus might not know what positions they’d like to run for.

“People simply don’t know the positions well enough or they’re not aware of the responsibilities of the positions. It’s very important for SU to clarify what those positions entail, and what responsibilities those positions have,” Cheng said.

Sng added that Student Union plans to reach out specifically to certain groups after identifying ways in which the body can become more diverse through the inaugural Diversity Affairs Council report last semester.

“We released the diversity report, which I think has helped us identify some of the areas when it comes to representation, and we’re hoping to be more targeted with our approach. Cary’s devised a strategy to reach out to student groups,” he said. “We’ve also tried to make this more personal, and less intimidating.”

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